Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Poking in a Punt Part Two

Part One

As I polled the punt back towards its mooring station underneath Folly Bridge I cursed all nosy children, especially those who liked kicking balls around near me. I remember dreaming that maybe the little bastards who had so ruined my day would end up dead and in the clutches of His Satanic Majesty, and I fervently wished that he would hand them over to one of his more enthusiastic demons for a few millennia of torture. I said something along those lines to Caroline and was pleased to see her take up the refrain:

"Maybe I should phone their headmaster? And get them caned," she ruminated, rolling the final word around her tongue with great glee.

"You wouldn't do that - would you?"

"Wouldn't I just! I remember when my brother came home one day nursing six of the best. You should have seen him walking straight legged, it was so funny!" Caroline lay back against her seat and purred like a cat at the memory of happy days of yore.

"Have you ever had to bend over?" I asked, ever the curious soul.

"Nooooo, I'm a good girl."

"So nobody has upended you, yet?"

"What do you mean, yet? I told you that I'm a good girl."

We carried on with that teasing chatter all the way back to Caroline's college. I must be honest and say that I was relived that my fears of having another Charlotte on my hands were proving groundless. That said, it did give me a chance to dig around in her past and get some spanking tales. Caroline had been spanked by daddy, of course, and her bottom had felt the hands of two boyfriends, so that was not a bad tally for a 21 year old girl, and the thought of her luscious rump undergoing treatment at my hands fair put a stiffness into my middle leg.

I got my chance soon after we arrived at her set of rooms. I remember sitting down in a comfortable armchair that stood beside the old fireplace and pulling Caroline onto my knee. I idly stroked her bottom as she made herself comfortable on my lap, and as luck would have it madam then decided to climb on her high horse and be a provocative little minx, which was just what I was hoping for.

"I shouldn't have let you in here," she said, scratching her chin and pursing her lips in in mock indignation. "You said we were in a private spot and look what you allowed to happen to me. I was so embarrassed... What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Look on the bright side, " I replied. "At least the little scrotes got a free anatomy lesson - ever thought about becoming a teacher?"

"That's a horrible thing to say to me! No, no, take that back at once, those hideous wretches - they saw me!"

I didn't say a word by way of reply, but I did grin widely and nodded my head very, very slowly.

Caroline began the finger pointing routine which is always a good sign from a woman as it means that she is close to having to be being taken down a peg or two. Then Caroline decided to slap me and verily my cup did runneth over.

"Give me your hand," she said, before grabbing my right paw and holding it up for a smack. "I'm going to smack this hand."

"If you do then I will put your across my knee, lift up your dress, take down your knickers and then smack you somewhere else," I told her, trying hard to keep the smile off my lips.

"You just try it," she replied, giving me a glare as she slapped my hand.

Well, a fellow cannot refuse such an invitation, can he? Without further ado I tipped madam across my knee and lifted her dress up to leave it bunched around her waist. I must say that she had looked lovely undressed in the punt, but there is no finer sight to a spanking man that that of a saucy young female helpless across his knee with her panties stretched to bursting point with the weight of the delightful orbs within. There is really only one thing to do at such a moment, and that is peel the panties right down and leave them hanging around their owner's thighs. Just so!

Of course Caroline protested loudly at this treatment but I ignored her protests. What I couldn't ignore was the sight of her lush buttocks that were just waiting for my hand to crack down on them, so as an aperitif as it were I leaned over an gently bit each one in turn.

"Hey," said a female voice from somewhere around the level of my shin, "I didn't know that was how your spanked someone!"

Crack! My palm smacked down across her bottom.

"Is that how they do it?" I asked her in my best innocent tone.

"Er, yes, I think so," she replied, failing to contain her giggles.

Smack! Smack! Smack! 

"How about that? Three or so in quick succession. Is that a better way of doing it?"

"No, actually I think I prefer the teeth."

"Do you indeed," I said, landing another firm half dozen on her delightful bottom that was now turning a delicious shade of pink.

"Yes, I definitely prefer the teeth, come to think about it."

"Really? But you are a bad girl and bad girls get the palm, don't they?"

Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Yes, they most certainly do and that is what I have just had. But I'm back to being a good girl now, so could you please go back to the teeth?"

You can't win with some women. If she had been a real minx then she would have provoked me into spanking her soundly as Charlotte had recently done, but Caroline knew the weight of a man's balls just by looking at them and she knew just how far to go. I gave her another half dozen to grow on and let go of her. She sat up on my knee and rubbed her bottom ruefully, lips pursed, and face flushed.

"Right, madam," I told her. "It's time for bed!"

So off we went and for the second time that day I got to make love to the lovely Caroline.

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