Friday, 10 June 2011

Being Rose's Toyboy, Part Three

I paused for a moment to take in the scene. Behind Rose and against the wall there was a sofa with an armchair next to it, and to my left and against the other wall sat a desk with its chair. I noticed that on the desk were photos of Rose's husband and three children. I would like to report that I felt a twinge of guilt at the sight, but I will not lie: my brain was in the process of switching off and my cock was about to take over. I was distracted by the thought that he was probably off porking his secretary and then I turned to look in Rose's direction and my cock took over full operational control of my body.

Rose stood in the middle of the tiny room as if rooted to the spot. She held her hands folded in front of her, with her back ramrod straight and her head slightly back. Her mouth was open to show her teeth and her eyes were like slits as they watched me with a passionate intensity. Without a word I took the two strides that brought me directly in front of her and then I idly ran the back of my fingers up and over each of her nipples. As I did so I felt them harden and glancing down I saw that the two delightful mounds were straining against the thin silk of her white brassiere.

"Stop it," she said, heavily.


"I told you yes," she replied, making no attempt to stop me.

I turned her around and encircled her waist with my left arm. My right hand continued to explore her heavy breasts and my cock was pressed into her firm, ripe buttocks. I breathed heavily into her neck and she allowed her head to fall backwards so that it rested against my shoulder.

"I am your employer," she breathed quietly.

"Do I look as if I care?"

"You don't, do you? I can tell your sort," she replied, with a hint of desperation in her voice. Then she started to push against me to try and break my hold on her waist.

It would have been easy to overcome her resistance, which was nothing but an act, when all was said and done. However, I had all ready recognised this madam as a ball breaker of the first order. At least, she would have been a ball breaker if I had given her half a chance, but that was something that I was not so foolish to do. I decided there and then that this madam needed to be brought quickly to heel. Luckily, she gave me just the opening that I was praying for...

"I could dismiss you for this," she said, defiance now clear in her voice.

"Yes," I told her quietly, my mouth close to her ear. "You could, and maybe you will after what I have finished doing to you."

"What's that?"

"I am going to bend you over and lift up your nice skirt. After I have finished admiring your no doubt expensive panties I am going to pull them down and then I am going to smack your bare bottom until I decide that you know your place!"

Giving Rose time to digest that information would have been counter-productive, so tightening my grip around her waist, I lifted her an inch or so off the ground and then I used my free hand to pull up her skirt as I let her feet drop to the floor. Before she knew what was happening the skirt was around her waist and it was time for act two of the disciplinary drama to begin.

The sofa was no good as a stage for that drama's final act because it was only a two-seater so it wasn't big enough.  The armchair had large arms so I was not able to sit on it and get madam into the traditional position across my knee. Then I realised the answer and without further ado I picked Rose up another inch off the floor again then walked with her like that the two or three paces that brought my to behind the chair. I dropped her down and then pushed her body over the back of the chair. She sprawled across the seat, her buttocks nicely upturned, and I placed my left hand firmly into the small of her back to hold her in position. The curtain was about to rise on the final act!

I suppose that I expected Rose to start wriggling and squealing, but she didn't. She moved her body in a half-hearted attempt to break free, but she made no attempt to either speak or put her hands behind her to save her bottom which was now only protected by a delightfully thin layer of white silk which admittedly covered the target area completely.

"Now then, madam," I announced. "This bottom is going to smart."

With that I raised my arm and brought it down firmly, but not with the full power of my arm behind it, across that lusciously upturned bottom.

"Nooooo!" That smack was all Rose needed to galvanize her into action to save her bottom. She desperately flung an arm behind her but all I did was grab the wrist and fold it into the small of her back where I held it out of the way. I then placed my fingers in the waistband of her knickers and stripped them from her buttocks to leave them turned inside out at mid-thigh. Then I raised my hand again and brought it down across the helpless, bare bottom that lay before me.

Continued here.


Anonymous said...

This is developing into an intriguing relationship.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Anonymous said...

One gets the feeling that her own domineering personality was at least partly intended to probe others like yourself in hopes of awakening an even more dominant response -- and that discovering THAT was really her overriding objective. Perfect setup for a win-win relationship, I'd say!

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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