Saturday, 11 June 2011

Being Rose's Toyboy, Part Four

I spanked Rose soundly, but not cruelly. She had not been naughty, exactly, but she had been a bit on the lippy side, and her incipient insolence needed to be nipped in the bud. Nevertheless, so long as madam kept her protests to reasonable levels and did not act in too provocative a manner, I decided that her bottom would be smacked but not intolerably so. I have my liberal moments as I am sure that you are aware by now.

The spanking was methodical and by about the fourth or fifth smack I realised that her struggling had ceased and that she was remaining quietly in position, with only a whimper now and then to mark her distress. As I lifted my arm again I decided that it was time to have a short conversation with madam. Then I brought my arm down in a great swinging arc to leave a delightful handprint on her upturned bottom and immediately I opened my mouth to speak.

"Learning your lesson are you, madam?" My tone was conversational, but the edge in it was obvious to any listener. It was up to Rose to respond properly if she wanted this to end soon. 

"I am a married woman - stop this!" Rose wriggled her bottom in time with her words but, crucially, she made no move to rise from her position over the back of the chair. I decided that her protests were for show and gave her three or four firm, sound smacks across the bare bottom, a bottom that was quickly turning a rather nice shade of deep pink. I idly wondered to myself if that colour would have to change to an angry and fiery red before the afternoon was out, and then I decided that such speculation was a waste of time and with that I raised my arm again to bring the palm down across buttocks that were then clenched fearfully in anticipation of just such a smack.

"Do you really think that I give a shit about your marriage?"

"I'll tell my husband," she wailed, pathetically. "He'll deal with you!"

"Well, he hasn't done a very good job of dealing with you, has he? Doesn't seem to give a shit what you do, does he?"

I only said those words to have something quick to say, and there was no deep thought behind them, but they seemed to have an immediate effect of Rose. She sighed heavily and her whole body then relaxed. On impulse I stopped holding her down for the spanking, and contented myself with keeping a proprietorial hand on the small of her back. Rose did not seek to take advantage of that gesture and continued to lie quietly in position as her spanking continued.

Her legs were close together and on impulse I placed the fingers of my hand between them and opened them to leave her pussy open and glistening to my sight. I licked my index finger and slid it into her body and I was delighted to find that she was wet, and slick, and warm. Rose sighed heavily as my finger slid in and out of that inviting pussy and then I saw that she had balled one hand into a fist and had jammed that fist into her mouth, obviously so as not to give me the satisfaction of making her cry out in pleasure.

"Arch your back," I ordered her.


"Because you are a bitch in heat and that is how a bitch stands when she is about to be mounted. Understand?"

With a cry that was part desire and part helplessness, Rose arched her back to receive the cock that would soon be driving into her. Quickly I unbuckled my trousers and let them fall down. My cock sprang free and I stroked it to full hardness with a few slick pulls. Then I placed the head against the opening to Rose's pussy and drove the cock remorselessly inside her. Pulling out I then slowly drove it into her a second time to leave it this time deep inside her body for a moment.

"Is this how your husband deals with you?" I asked the question as I began to fuck her methodically with slow steady fuck pokes that had her whimpering as each one was driven deep inside her open body.

"No," was all she cried.

There was nothing more to say. Taking hold of Rose's hips I used them as a lever to pull myself back towards her in time to my own hips that were thrusting my cock into her waiting body. Her back remained arched, arched like that of the bitch in heat that she was as slowly, remorselessly, without saying anything further I increased the speed of the fucking. 

Rose began to make low moaning sounds from deep within her as her body began to move in time with mine. I looked down at the bottom that I had just reddened and was pleased to see the marks left by my fingers clearly visible on the right cheek. The sight made my cock even harder and my fuck-pace increased dramatically.

I lost control. I could feel the hot juice building up deep inside my balls, Rose was frantically clenching her pussy muscles to grip me harder, forcing me to drive past those muscles, force them to open to admit my cock into her body, a body that was mine, now, mine because I had taken it.

The hot potent spunk bubbled up and flooded out from me and into Rose. She threw back her head as she felt the juices flooding against her cervix, and her cries at the moment of truth for both of us were genuine and wonderful to hear.

Slowly we untangled ourselves and then we both sank gratefully to the floor. Rose rested her head on my shoulder, and she winced as her bottom touched the hard floor. I laughed at that and she looked at me quizzically.

"Is that it?" She stroked my face as she asked the question and for a moment I was puzzled by it. Had it not been enough for her? That was the question that automatically went through my mind. Rose must have seem my confusion because she spoke again very quietly:

"Will we see each other again or is that it?"

"I was rather hoping that we could see a lot of each other, whenever your husband is not around, I said, giving her a kiss.

Rose purred at my words and snuggled up closer to me.

"We can see each other whenever we want," she said. "Gerald is either at work, playing golf or fast asleep," she added, rather bitterly I thought.

"Excellent news - now then, what about something to eat after all my labours?

"Want me to make you a snack? Let me get dressed and we can go down to the staffroom. I do my cooking there because this place is so small."

"Is there anybody in the college at this time?"

"No, why?"

"Then don't get dressed." Over her protests I stood her up, stripped her of the blouse, bra and stood her out of her skirt and then and sent her off naked with a firm smack to her red rump to make me cheese on toast and a cup of tea.

Give her credit but she got into the swing of things and returned with my snack having put on a large cook's apron that she had found somewhere. Trust me when I say that there is no finer sight than that of a mature woman, with a freshly smacked bottom on display. Especially when she has brought you some eats and is then sitting there quietly, dressed like a pornographer's idea of a servant, whilst you wolf down your snack.

As I polished off the food I reflected that life probably couldn't get much better. Let's face it, what on earth could go wrong with this wonderful new arrangement?

To be continued.

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