Thursday, 9 June 2011

Being Rose's Toyboy, Part Two

To say that my first day at Rose's college was less than auspicious is putting it mildly. Not that I failed to deliver a lesson, rather because I failed to quickly get my hands on Rose who spent the time that I was there strutting purposefully around on her fetishistically high heels, still firm buttocks moving sensuously in her fitted, knee-length black skirt as she walked. Given that the skirt had a seriously wide leather belt on it into which a white satin long-sleeved blouse was tucked, the effect she created was authoritative to say the least.

Certainly as far as her minions were concerned she cut an authority figure and she seemed to enjoy sending them off to do her bidding, especially the girls. I noticed that she would often roll her eyes at something a girl said to her before responding brusquely to whatever had been said. With the men she was slightly better behaved, but I suspected that with them she didn't feel the need to climb on her high horse since they were all so pussy-whipped anyway, with their podgy tums, V-necked sweaters and polyester ties. She even tried it on with me, but I just grinned at her before turning my back and returning to my class.

That was what started the trouble because madam waylaid me in the staffroom after the lesson had ended. I was the only one in there as I poured myself a coffee. My back was to the door so I didn't see Rose come in, but I remember smelling her delicious flowery perfume so I knew who it was and I turned around to greet a face that was trying its best to look thunderous.

"You turned you back on me, earlier on." It was a statement of simple fact, and I merely shrugged by way of reply.

Placing her left hand on her hip, Rose wagged her right index finger in my direction. Her eyes were sparkling, but she somehow managed to keep her lips pursed in a pretence at real annoyance.

"If you do that again, my lad, I'll have to slap your face" she went on, jabbing the blood red nail of that damned finger into my chest to make her point.

"If you do, I will have to bend you over and slap you somewhere else," I told her quietly.

Rose opened her mouth to reply and just at that moment one of the dickless dwarfs in her employ entered the room and made for the coffee machine. Rose turned to leave immediately, glancing over her shoulder at me as she left the room:

"I will get the book that you need in a few minutes - wait for me outside the flat, please," she said as the door closed behind her swiftly marching frame.

I had no idea what she was talking about and assumed that the mythical book was just a ploy to get me to a flat - but where was that? The college secretary swiftly pointed out the door to me and explained as she put on her coat to go home that a couple of small offices and a bathroom had been blocked off from the rest of the building and turned into a tiny flat which Rose used when she was working late.

As the last of the staff and students left the college, I went through the door and up a very short flight of stairs to a small landing that had three doors leading off it. One was open and led to a tiny bathroom that just about had space for a shower, sink and toilet and the other two doors were firmly shut.

At least that was the case until one opened to reveal Rose standing in the doorway of the very small office that had been refurbished into a sitting room. Looking me straight in the eye she stepped backwards as I walked towards her. She stood in the middle of the room, breathing heavily as I closed the door very firmly and then turned to face her.

To be continued.

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