Monday, 26 April 2010

Britain's Got Spanking!

On Saturday we reported that the Britain's Got Talent show that night would contain a spanking duo called High Shakespeare. Alas they did not make it past the auditions and so did not appear on the final show, but your Uncle Nick Urzdown is pleased to upload their performance for your delectation and delight.

The spanking is not the soundest in history, but who cares? The men in the audience seem to be rocking with delight, whilst the women tend to have their hands over their mouths, probably thinking that their men may get ideas. The clip ends backstage where the girl gets another spanking.

Not bad for a Saturday night on prime time TV.


Abel1234 said...

Thanks for sharing the clip.

They did play this out with great humour, but seeing it really doesn't change the opinion I expressed in response to you your previous post on the topic. Whilst they were certainly brave to do this, I'm not convinced it's helpful for the spanking community if people act out scenes, however innocent, in front of a vanilla audience of all ages.

But it'll be interesting to see if they can bring the public along with them in the next round, given all three judges voted them through, and I hope I'm proved wrong.

Uncle Nick said...

I was under the impression that they did not get through and that is why the act was not shown on the TV the other day. I need to check that out to confirm.

I am unconvinced by this notion of a "spanking community" by the way. If there is one then please keep me as far away from it as possible. I try to appeal on this blog to everyone who is interested in spankings, and I suspect the majority are people who are rather tickled by it without wanting to take it too far.

Thus this duo are perfect, as I said the other day, in an end of the pier show way.

Anonymous said...

If they make it to the Royal Variety performance i want Queenie to join in.

Uncle Nick said...

Princess Beatrice, she of the wide eyes, would look very nice across my knee...

Hermione said...

That was lovely, and it was great that they portrayed it as being so much fun.

So, perhaps they made the finals after all? Or do you still have censors?


Elysia said...

Uncle Nick,
I was referred here by Hermoine, and really enjoyed the video. The spanker's response to Simon about what would he do in the next round, the spanker says "The Merchants of Venice" was hysterical! It was soo clear that Simon must have been referring to the spanking! He looks like a spanker to me too, Simon Cowl I mean, lol!
Thanks for posting this!

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