Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Prefects' Lessons

Moonglow has really come up with a winner with this video which features no fewer than five girls on the receiving end of the hard palms and swishing canes. The story involves four teachers who are sitting around bemoaning the fact that corporal punishment is about to be abolished in schools. So they decide to to make the wake as memorable as possible by thrashing as many girls as they can before the deadline is reached. They start by spanking the waitress in the bar where they have spent the afternoon. Just click on the movie to watch the incredible spanking that the young actress endured and remember, nothing is faked in Moonglow shoot. By all accounts the young girl could not sit down for a week after that paddling was over.

Trust me - you are going to want to see the whole of this thrashtastic epic - so just click this link.

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