Monday, 26 April 2010

Teaching Sarah to behave

Spanking in the 1970s was difficult in one respect because by the middle of the decade the fashionable girls wore full length evening dresses for their disco inferno nights, which made their correction that much harder. Trying to lift up a long skirt when the owner is frantically kicking to save her backside from a blistering is not easy and I for one was glad when the styles changed towards the end of the decade and shorter skirts came back into fashion.

I remember taking Sarah, a nurse who worked at the Royal Infirmary to what was the hottest disco in town back then. She was a jolly girl with short blonde hair and needless to say that night she wore a full length black gown that left her shoulders bare and which had red inserts in the skirt. She looked quite fetching I must say.

Sarah was a teasing little trollop who enjoyed causing trouble in nightclubs. She would wait until I had gone to get drinks and if I was delayed for any reason then by the time I got back I would find her deep in conversation with some other man. As a rule this game passed me by as I am not the jealous type, but for some reason when she did it that night it irritated me enormously.

I sat down next to her and facing the poor devil that she had suckered in with her whiles. I smile at him sympathetically - after all none of this was his fault - and with a smile on my face I told him that he was not the first to fall for this trick. I went on, speaking clearly so that Sarah could here me, to say that he could rest assured as I was going to smack her bottom before she went to bed that night.

He gave me a grin and got up from the table. Sarah said nothing, but she fingered the material of her dress in a nervous sort of way. I allowed a few minutes to finish the drinks and then I took her arm, walked her to get her coat and then loaded her into the car for the drive back to the nurses' home.

She hardly spoke during the drive until we were almost in site of the building. Then she found her voice and started complaining that I had no right, no right at all to give her the spanking that she knew she had coming to her.

"You have no right" she wailed, plucking at the door handle in a foolish attempt to leave the car that was travelling quite fast.

"Rights? Rights? I'll use this to show you my right," I promised, pulling my belt free from my trousers and tossing in onto her lap.

She began to get more and more hysterical so I swerved the car into a car park that I knew would be deserted at that time of night. Pulling over in the far corner away from the only entrance and exit I switched off the ignition and opened my door. Before Sarah had time to realise that her moment had arrived I grabbed the belt from out of her hands and yanked her across my knees to leave her body dangling out of the car. Then I used both hands to pull up the skirt of her dress and left it virtually covering her head. Both hands were then placed on either side of her hips and her shiny black panties were pushed down to her knees.

I folded the belt in two and held it in my right hand. I lifted my right leg slightly so as to keep her off balance. That way she could not use her hands to protect herself as they were carrying her weight and preventing her face from falling onto the car park's gravel. I placed my left arm over her thighs just to stop her from falling out of the car completely and then I raised the belt above my head and brought it down across her defenceless buttocks as hard as I could.

I gave her a good twenty-five strokes with that belt, each one with the full weight of my arm behind it, and each one raised a good welt on her bare, helpless bottom. By the third or fourth stroke she had started to cry and by the time we had reached a round dozen she was pretty hysterical.

"Please," she whimpered, trying to twist her body to look at me. "I am very sorry."

The reader will be pleased to learn that I ignored her pleas and gave her the complete dose, with the full power of my elbow behind each one. When it was over I let her rise and she slumped against her door, utterly defeated and without the strength to either lift up her knickers or pull down her dress. Without doubt, she had been taught her place that night.

When the sobbing had subsided she gingerly pulled up her panties and I walked her back to her room, took the key from her hands and opened her door. I pushed her in and unzipped her dress from the back and then I pulled it off her to let it fall to the floor. The bra was swiftly removed and then for the second time that evening her panties came down. However this time the purpose was anything but disciplinary as I put her on her hands and knees on the bed before mounting her doggie-style.

As I reached my climax I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards me. Placing my mouth close to her ear I told her quite firmly:

"Behave yourself in future!"

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