Saturday, 24 April 2010

Britain's Got Spanking Talent!

Tune into Britain's Got Talent tonight to see a couple who call themselves High Shakespeare, and have an act that involves the woman quoting lines from the bard as she is spanked by the man, according to the Daily Mail. Rumours that the plays quoted from are King Rear, Arse Your Like It and Smackbeth are as yet unconfirmed.

Update, 11.45pm:

I watched the programme on the ITV Player and the High Shakespeare duo did not appear. Quite what is going on is anyone's guess, mine being that the company cut the act due to all the bad publicity.

Update, 10.30am, 26 April 2010:

The act can be watched by clicking this link. It seems that they did not make it past the auditions.


Anonymous said...

I shall be watching it tonight!

Hermione said...

Oh, I wish I could watch that show. But I'm sure that, like Susan Boyle, it will go viral and have thousands of hits on Youtube before long.

Please keep us informed.


Uncle Nick said...

My pleasure, Hermione.

KinkyClover said...

lol! Was it any good? Thanks for posting :-D

Abel1234 said...

I'm actually rather glad it didn't appear.

I'm a passionate advocate of people's right to enjoy safe, consensual spanking behind closed doors. But I'm not sure that doing so in front of a family audience, full of vanilla folks who don't share our kink, would necessarily have been the right thing to do.

The couple are certainly brave to have considered bringing a spanking-related act into the mainstream media. But in doing so, they risked creating hostility towards the spanking community, and provoking mockery, and I'm not sure that was a good thing.

Uncle Nick said...

You could be right, Abel, but I reckon that this duo come into the slap and tickle category of end of the pier jollity.

I see that you are in the trade yourself, by the way, and are a writer like me. You might want to read my Trade Tales series that runs on Wednesdays, as it may bring back a few memories of days of yore.

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