Monday, 28 April 2014

Is Nigel Farage dominant or submissive?

With the European elections now less than a month away the question on everyone's lips concerns UKIP leader Nigel Farage: is he a dominant or a submissive? Well, maybe not on everyone's lips, but certainly on mine, as I keep my ear to the ground about these things and the allegations about Nigel's proclivities are circulating more and more.

One of the best sources around for UKIP scandal is Junius, and he reports that Farage is a submissive and quotes unnamed former lovers of the man to back that up. That said, people who have actually met Annabelle Fuller, who is reputed to be a former Farage squeeze, report that aside from having a really rather nice pair of melons, she is also small, sweet and does not match the profile of a dominatrix.

Certainly, at 5' 6" if that, Farage does not come over as particularly dominant; quite the reverse in fact. He is also an old public schoolboy so one can imagine him being put over matron's knee to have his naughty botty-wotty smacked back in the day and learning that he quite liked it. Given his lack of inches he could probably still fit into his old school uniform come to think of it, so the idea of naughty Nigel does have a certain ring to it.

On the other hand, Junius reports that Farage may enjoy sending his mistresses off to be ridden by other men, and I fully understand the attraction of that since it is a pastime of mine as well. Especially if the other fellow is a disciplinarian as it means that I can wander off and have a damned fine lunch and for desert I get to admire a fine set of welts and can sit back to hear the tale of how they were created in its entirety. Yes, I know, I really have taken indolence to a truly  high level, haven't I?

If I was a gambling man, I would bet on Farage as a traditional, authoritative horseman who knows how to keep his fillies in line, but who is relaxed enough to lend them out to other riders for a canter around the park from time to time.

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