Friday, 25 April 2014

Authentic Punishment Photos: Janice (2)

Just over a week ago I ran this photo of Janice that was taken shortly after her husband had finished correcting her in the traditional way. As you can see her buttocks are red and swollen, and it should have been obvious to all that even in spite of her 60+ years, Janice knows who wears the trousers in her family.

Now she has written to us setting out exactly how she feels about the photo of her bare bottom being seen by thousands of people

My husband made me look at the Memories blog on Tuesday and I just couldn't believe my eyes. Straightaway of course I knew that it was a photo of my bottom and not just my bottom but my reddened bottom. To say that I was mortified is putting it mildly. I'm a professional woman with over thirty women working in my team and I can't imagine what they would think if they got any inkling of the fact that there is a picture of my bare bottom on the web!

My husband told me that I should do what is suggested at the end of the post and drop you a line about my feelings. I flatly refused to do that both on Tuesday and yesterday in spite of the fact that last night just before I got into bed he bent me over his knee, pulled my pjs down and warmed my behind. The only reason I'm writing now is because he's threatened to send other photos to be displayed.

How do I feel? Well of course I feel embarrassed and humiliated but my overwhelming feeling is one of shame: shame that my bare bottom is on display, shame that my bottom has obviously been chastised, shame that I am still being spanked at my age, shame that the world and his wife can see what my husband has done to my bottom. In fact it's as though I've been bared, spanked and then made to stand with my bottom facing  a patio window which is alongside a busy street or, even worse, made to stand outside the front door of a house in the middle of a busy town or city with hundreds of shoppers, commuters etc passing by.

My final shame, or is this pride, is that because the photo was taken at close range my bum looks humongous and it really, really isn't. I'm sending a photo taken outside last summer and I think it shows that for a woman of my age my bum is of a reasonable size. 
What can we say? Thank you, Janice, for the delightful e-mail!
If you have a photo of a freshly disciplined female and you feel that it would be good for her soul to have it presented here then please send it along to


JPC said...

I am realy pleased to see a lady of sixty punished on this way.
I think it's a good thing when it is deserved!
Age does not erases mistakes.
I find the exposition after the spanking the right punishment!

Of over I love the text and the feeling of Janice.
Even though I'm younger, I enjoy the sight of her bare bottom spanked in display!

I hope my dear Janice, that you feel the delicious line between shame and pleasure! ;)
And I hope to see you again!

(thank for the post Strict Uncle)

Sophie said...

So, I have to comment again because Janice has written such an elegant and full account of how she feels about her bare bottom being on show to many, many people. She is obviously an educated and literate woman who can locate and articulate her feelings very well. She is clearly a sensitive lady and I just want to assure her that her essential dignity shines through her words. I also wanted to tell her that anyone looking at her bare bottom would only think how lovely it is and the photo taken in the garden shows that she has a figure and a bottom that a woman of any age would be pleased to own :)

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