Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Princess Kate, for showing her bare bottom again!

She's done it again! I refuse to believe that this upskirt shot is yet another accident - the saucy mare is an exhibitionist of note. Last week Princess Kate went out yet again without any knickers on and yet again a gust of wind blew her flimsy skirt up to reveal a very bare and incredibly shapely bottom for the world to see.

Last year in Australia she did the same thing as you can see on the left. A flimsy dress, a gust of wind, a bare bottom displayed for the delight of all and sundry.

Once is an accident, but twice is the mark of a cheeky miss who enjoys giving hard ons to red blooded men everywhere.

What this chit needs is a damned fine over the knee spanking, with her skirts raised not by the wind but by Prince Billy's hand, just before he brings it down again and again on that cheeky posterior.

Prince Billy: England demands that you do your duty!


MarQe Smith said...

Still at it I see .... You rascal !

Uncle Nick said...

Indeed - but not on a regular basis. Health is lousy these days.

How's you?

Anonymous said...

Yes,Kate needs to get her arse properly warmed. I thought Pippa was going to be the one to get the OBB most often but now I think that Kate is overtaking her! Although I have to say that both girls have delicious arses and, as one or two other women have said already, if they had a derriere like hers they would be sending a photo of it to Bild themselves!

Headmaster said...

I fear Prince William is too much of a wimp to deal with this young lady , same goes for his Father.
The best man for the job is Prince Philip : 18 severe strokes with a heavy Dragon cane should do the trick nicely.
Remember this : At Marlborough School her nickname was 'Middlebum' because she was always flashing her bare buttocks for the boys!

sixofthebest said...

Uncle Uncle, I agree with you 100%, that Her Royal Highness, Kate, needs to have her 'royal arse caned a dozen times, for displaying her NAKED BUM to the public.

Anonymous said...

How about a Royal visit to Singapore ?

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