Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Blinking in the light...

I did not expect to have to close the blog for so long and I apologise to both my readers for my failure to update. As you know I was out of the country for quite a while, and then when I finally got back it was to find waves of family and other problems just waiting their turn to hit me. I would like to claim that it is all over now, but that would be a lie as it looks like I will have to go through the upheaval of changing address later on this year. I shall probably bite the bullet and leave England again, but my final destination is still uncertain. Yeah, I know, I have a bit of the old gypsy in me.

However, none of this is sufficient reason why this blog should remain in clover so I am taking the opportunity presented by this wonderfully sunny 1st May to let you know that the site is now up and running again. I cannot promise daily posts, but I can promise several a month.

It's nice to be back!

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