Wednesday, 1 May 2013

New competition: name the book

My new book needs a title and this competition is about finding one.  Suggest titles in the comment box to this post and the one that tickles my fancy not only gets a free copy of the book, but a mention in the dedication! What more could any bibliophile want?

The book  will detail what I think of as the top ten real life spankings of the 20th century. I will give as much detail as possible about each event and include links to the original sources for anyone who wants to read what the journalists of the time were saying. It's going to be very short, probably no more than 15,000 words, and will be available as an e-book only.

That's what the book is about and what it will be like. Now all it needs is a title: over to you folks!


Anonymous said...

The Best Spanked Tails.

Geddit? Geddit?

W said...

Ten Spankings that Shook the World

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