Monday, 4 June 2012

Lauren, Part Eight

As I finger fucked Lauren I looked at her well leathered rear end with great pleasure. I do so hate blowing my own trumpet, but it was a damned fine bit of work that I had done with those buttocks to make them as bright red and swollen as they were. Not only that, but Lauren looked as if she was ready to go off like a rocket as my middle finger eagerly explored her tight wetness.

She clenched her pussy muscles tightly as my finger explored her hidden depths and rocked her hips backwards and forwards in wanton delight. A cry came from her lips and before it had finished it turned into a long low moan of pure animal delight as Lauren reached her moment of truth. As her climax arrived and then deepened she let out a scream of primordial delight and grabbed my hand to force my finger into exactly the position that she wanted it to be to give her the maximum amount of terminal pleasure imaginable.

Lauren collapsed on the bed, all her energies momentarily spent. I recovered my hand and slumped on the floor next to the bed and let he rest for some minutes.

"That was incredible," she said, dreamily, at length.

"Was incredible? We have not begun yet. I have a cock that needs your attention, young lady," I told her in mock seriousness, as I began to strip off my clothes.

"But daddy, how can you think about doing such a thing to your poor little girl? I couldn't do that with you, not now that you're my daddy and all," she said with one of those butter would not melt in the mouth expressions.

Naked as I then was I was in no mood for idle banter, so I picked Lauren up and sat down on the edge of the bed pulling her across my knee as I did so. I grabbed a flailing arm and stuck it out of the way and then I administered a dozen or so hard smacks to that already ravaged bottom.

Lauren kicked and bucked like a bronco as I administered that second correction. I was not angry at her, but there was no way she was going to treat me like a fool, if that was her intention. It may not have been, in which case she received the spanking to grow on account of further naughtiness as it were and I laid on the smacks as soundly and methodically, first to one cheek and then to the other.

"Hey, I was only joking," she protested as the fire was rekindled in her buttocks.

"That's OK, so was I," was all I said as I dumped her back on the bed.

"A girl's got to try, hasn't she?"

"El que no transa, no avanza," was all I said as I got into bed next to her and pulled the bedclothes over us both.

"What does that mean?"

"It's Mexico's unofficial motto. It means if you don't hustle you don't get anywhere. Be corrupt like everyone else or live in the shit forever," I told her.

"Ain't that the truth all over," was all she said.

"Now then, this cock needs your urgent attention," I told her, putting my still flaccid member into her hand.

"It's a floppy old Joe, I don't know if I can raise the dead," Lauren jibbed.

"You had better succeed, or you can kiss goodbye to your going away present," was all I told her without any fuss or anger.

That did it!. Lauren became a very enthusiastic  little doxy indeed and with my cock firmly grasped in her fist she stroked it awake and then on to full power. With a little urging she took it in her mouth and at that moment mission control ran a systems check and after consulting blood flow, muscle power, stamina and cock oil levels, decided that we were all systems go for the fuck. With a roar I pushed Lauren onto her back, took my meat in hand and guided it myself into her gateway. We were go for launch!

To be continued.

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