Friday, 1 June 2012

How to spank: a pictorial guide

The last Wednesday in every month is when sound men and lippy females gather at the Station Bar in King's Cross for an afternoon of alcohol, discussions and the odd public spanking. It fell to me to take J in hand and to increase the level of humiliation that she felt having her knickers taken down in from of the multitude, I asked a rather amiable fellow to photograph the event.

Of course, the skirt has to be lifted, not only to increase the severity of the discipline, but also to ensure that the victim knows that whoever is in charge, she most definitely isn't.

And for the same reason the knickers just have to come down. A bottom that has not been smacked bare has not been smacked at all.

Then preliminaries having been completed the spanking may begin. It is important to lay on the smacks firmly and not to listen to the complaints that emanate from the female's mouth as the sound of a hard male palm cracking across a soft female bottom, resounds in the narrow confines of the basement.

Eventually, the girl will be unable to keep her legs still and will have to be reminded that if she does not remain in position the spanking will be prolonged.

In spite of this quite reasonable warning many a girl will refuse to keep still and the legs will continue to kick.

Sometimes a hand will fly behind to cover the buttocks as they tingle under the onslaught.

I always grab the arm at times like that and hold it firmly behind the recalcitrant girl's back. The spanking then continues until such time as I feel that the lesson has been learned.

Often this can take rather a long time. As you can see, I  hold the girl in position, ignore her pleas, and administer the spanking that I feel that she deserves.

Sometimes the wriggling may produce a banging great hard on. This girl was told that in future she will be expected to provide a hand job at least to ease the ache that her actions have caused in my middle leg. She replied that she was not an expert at such things and was told to practise with a banana.

Tired but triumphant. There is nothing finer than resting for a moment apr├Ęs spank, leaving the victim in position to reflect on her misdeeds.


Njspank said...

Wonderful sequence sir, she took the time to wear such a pretty dress and panty, you took the appropriate time to spank her on each, love clothed and panty spankings to start, well done

Uncle Nick said...

Thank you! I will post another spanking photo during the coming week.

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