Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Was Laura Holland spanked by her boss at Cathelco Ltd?

Was Laura Holland, a sales executive in the spares division at Cathelco Ltd, a Chesterfield based company, spanked by her boss, Pete Smith? That is the question that we have been waiting to have answered since November of last year when Angelina Ashby's claim for constructive dismissal was aborted on procedural grounds. The case is now being considered and we await the outcome with baited breath.

The problem is that Angelina has claimed that Laura was upended and spanked by Pete, as part of the picture she wishes to paint of a laddish atmosphere that was prevalent in the company. We do not know if it is true or not, and it does not look as if Laura will be called in to testify.

That said, she is a minxy little thing, isn't she? And even if she wasn't chased around the office and then put over Pete's knee for a good spanking, she probably should have been.

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