Monday, 20 June 2011

Two Fucks, One Suck and a Spanking, Part Two

I could tell that Rose was frisky because she kept coming into my class on various spurious pretexts to give me an order or two. Then, during a coffee break she grabbed the three or four teachers who were around and gave us a lecture on some failing or other. Not that I was taking a blind bit of notice as I was too busy admiring the way she strutted backwards and forwards in her trademark high heels, a fitted black skirt with red pinstripes clinging to her rounded buttocks. Occasionally she would pause and cross her arms over her puppies to ask if we were all on  the same page or working to the same programme?

God know where she got the dialogue from but it was days like that which made me a confirmed believer in feminism. Just the sheer joy of taking orders from a woman all day and then fucking her brains out all night is something that previous generations had never experienced.  Today, of course, women like Rose are common but they were still a bit of a novelty in 1989 and believe me the performance never failed to give me a serious hard-on.

So much of a turn on was it that I found it hard to concentrate on the remainder of my class and as soon as it was over I went looking for Rose with a view to riveting her rigid even thought the place was full of people. She must have had the same idea because the secretary gave me a note which simply said "flat" so I took my raging stand upstairs to find Rose waiting for me in the bedroom.

"Close the door," she said, her voice thick and heavy. I did just that and then I walked towards her as she stretched out her arms for our embrace.

We kissed each other hungrily, and my hands went down her body to take that firm luscious rump in my grasp. I ran my hands all over it and felt Rose's suspender belt through the material of her skirt. I pulled the garment up around her waist and cupped her pussy in my hand. It was so hot I couldn't believe that she could be ready for me so I slipped my gingers inside her black knickers to check. Yes, oh yes, she was more than ready for my cock.

I stripped Rose of her panties and balled up the frothy confection to hold up to my nose to smell its sweet fragrance, which was a mixture or Rose's perfume and the woman herself.

"Nooooo," she said, in mock outrage. "Give them to me!"

I threw the knickers down and pushed Rose onto the bed. Quickly I unhooked my belt, unzipped my trousers then then pushed them down. Within seconds I was between her thighs and then without any further help my cock just seemed to find its own way into the opening in Rose's thighs and with one push I was home.

She lifted her legs to ease my passage and I began to have her, slowly at first, but then building up the velocity to the killing strokes as Rose urged me on the fucker her harder, harder, harder.

I lifted myself up on my arms so that I could look down at her and I saw her with her shoes still on her feet and her skirt around her waist and her white blouse still tucked into that skirt. It was a wonderful sight, that of a businesswoman with her clothing in partial disarray as she was given a good fucking. It was that sight more than anything else that drove me close to the edge.

"I can't hold it any longer," I cried.

"Don't, don't hold it! Give it to me! Fill me up!

So I did. I increased the speed and the come juice began to flow for the second time that day.

We lay quietly in each others arms, but not for as long as was normal after a bout had ended. Rose tried to push me away, and when that didn't work - because I was too fagged out to even consider moving - she breathed heavily and stroked my hair.

"What have you been up to?" Her question was spoken quietly, but there was an air of menace in it which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"What do you mean"

"You have been with someone else today. You only came a drop and I can smell her on you! I thought that the stench was from one of the students in class, but it isn't is it"

Rose managed to push me off and she sat up on the bed with a look of cold fury on her face.

"Who is it? That red nigger bitch from Mexico? She's been telling everyone that she sleeps with you!" Rose paused to collect her thoughts and then she hit me with what amounted to the clincher: "You gave her a spanking, didn't you?"

My face must have registered surprise, because Rose clambered out of bed and smoothed down her skirt. She clenched both her hands into fists and jammed them on her hips, and stood there, legs apart, to face me.

"You stupid, northern shit! She is gloating about you all over the fucking college. Telling everyone what you get up to. You took her back to your college room and spanked her, and then you fucked her," Rose concluded, finally.

She fell on the floor and started to sob. Great gulping sobs and I wondered if she would ever be consoled. Eventually, when the sobs died down, I took her in my arms and spoke to her quietly:

"Rose, you have a husband and family. Have I ever asked you not to be fucked by your husband?"

"Is that because you don't give a damn what I get up to when I am not with you?" Jesus, this was turning into a soap opera, it really was.

"Listen, I will handle the matter, just trust me."

"I need the money that the little third world cow brings in. She and all of them. What are you going to do?"

"I am going to have a serious talk with that young madam, you mark my words."

To be continued.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's quite clear from your story that Rose's renewed ardour was fueled by her jealousy.

The trick I guess is how to modulate that jealousy so it doesn't destroy the whole relationship.

Fascinating that Xochitl was going around bragging about how you spanked her -- as if it was a mark of favour -- and really of course it probably was.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

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