Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Two Fucks, One Suck and a Spanking, Part Three

As I drove over to see Xochitl, the idea came to me that since she only had another two weeks in the country before she went back to Mexico I would ask her to kindly keep her mouth shut for that length of time. I would then keep away from the college during working hours and everything would be fine. I could see Rose on our usual days, and Xochitl and Svetlana at other times. All in all it struck me as a rather civilised solution to the problem - more fool me for thinking that anything is ever simple where women are concerned.

I arrived at Xochitl's rather nice service flat and parked the car in her bay. I can distinctly remember pausing to spark up a cigarette before strolling across the carpark to the building's entrance without a care in the world. Xochitl had given me the code that opened the main door and I wandered in to the main hallway and then up the stairs to her first floor flat without any inkling that things were about to go pear-shaped.

"Hello, my love, it is wonderful to see you," said Xochitl as she let me in to her flat. Yes, I remember thinking, we really have to work on that conversational manner to avoid sounding so wooden.

"We have a problem," I told her after the great smacking kiss was over.


"Rose knows about us. Any idea how that came about?"

"What do you mean by that?"

Whenever a woman answers a question with a question alarm bells should start ringing in a man's head. It means that the little darling has something to hide and she is angling to find out what you know so that she can trim her story accordingly. Alas it does not work with me...

I sat Xochitl on my knee for a spot of gentle interrogation. Yes, it emerged that she had told a few close friends about our affair. A few close friends? Well, actually most of the female students at the college. And the female teachers. And the secretary. Had she heard rumours about my affair with Rose? Of course not and perish the thought! Well, actually she had heard a few rumours and Rose and I had been seen out and about by a secretary's second cousin who just happened to be...

As always with a woman the prattle just seemed to be never ending, but the gist of it was that Xochitl had been blabbing all over town so of course Rose had been given the full story, probably be several people.

There was really nothing more to say, was there? With a sigh I pushed Xochitl off my lap and stood up to leave.

"Where are you going? Women do ask the daftest questions at times, they really do.

"I am off to sort out the mess that you have helped to create with Rose."

"You are leaving me to go to her - you can't do that!" To prove her point Xochitl wrapped her arms around my neck and began to nuzzle my ear.

I tried to get her off me, but the more I untangled her from me the greater became her efforts to remain tangled.

"Listen, you bad bitch, the trouble that you have caused probably can't be fixed, but I am going to have a try."

"Yes, yes, I am a bad bitch and I am a very, very sorry bad bitch." Xochitl looked up at me with her head slightly down, so that she had to turn her eyes right up. The effect was a delight, as it was meant to be.

"Listen, young lady, if I do carry on with you then there must be no repetition of your silliness, do you understand me?

"Yes I do. I am very sorry. Are you very angry with me for being bad?"

"What do you think?"

"What are you going to do to me?"

"What do you think"

I took Xochitl's arm and marched her over to the sofa. Sitting down I yanked her across my knee and cocked that all important right thigh over her already scissoring thighs and quickly clamped her arms behind her back. Then I raised that oversized T-shirt and left the cotton bunched up around her waist. The white thing that she was wearing gave her bottom no protection at all, but be that as it may it had to come down just to teach madam that whoever was in charge it was not her.

She began to wriggle like an eel even before the first smack had landed, but once it had then the wriggling was joined by some pretty frantic kicking. It was all a waste of effort, of course, because I had her firmly in position and she was going nowhere until I decided that the spanking was over.

Although I say it myself, I laid that smacked bottom on with great gusto. First one cheek and then the other came in for the attention of my palm that cracked down with all the force of my arm behind it. I can distinctly remember that going from the top of her rump to the bottom was three smacks on each cheek and spanked Xochitl with groups of six smacks, to cover her whole bottom with my hand and then start the procedure all over again.

I built up a steady spanking rhythm and for the next few minutes only sound in the room was the crack of my hand against Xochitl's defenceless buttocks and her squeals of anger, outrage and then, finally, her tears of bitter remorse.  Normally I bring a spanking to a close when the recalcitrant female who is on the receiving end bursts into tears but that day's spanking was a special event so my arm continued to rise and fall as Xochitl's howls gave way to great gulping sobs and eventually she stopped wriggling and her legs ceased to kick and she lay across my knee, thoroughly chastised and totally humbled.

My arm was aching when I dumped Xochitl onto the floor and lit a cigarette as she howled her cries of tearful remorse into the carpet. I sat there quietlly letting my weary arm rest whilst Xochitl went through the usual female performance of sobbing her heart out, obviously in a futile attempt to gain sympathy.

Eventually, about the time I stubbed out the remains of the cigarette, Xochitl's sobs lessened and I was able to pick her up and carry her off to bed.

I will not pretend that it was the greatest sex that I have ever had, because it was the third time around for me that day, but I don't think that I let either myself or England down with my performance. Xochitl certainly moved around rather nicely, although her burning buttocks may have contributed to that movement. When it was all over we lay in each other arms and fell asleep.

It had gone dark when the telephone rang and I dimply heard Xochitl pick up the receiver and tell someone that of course she would pass on the message.

"That was Rose," she told me. She said that you should not forget your class tomorrow morning."

I looked into Xochitl's face and saw a  butter would not melt in her mouth expression on it and I decided that it was all too much effort. So I turned over and went back to sleep. Tomorrow could take care of itself as far as I was concerned.

To be concluded


Anonymous said...

Yet another case of jealousy provoked amorousness (as shown by how Xochitl wouldn't let you go). I like how you handled the situation -- making as if to leave for good on account of your discontent with her behaviour, and then allowing her to offer to obliquely offer to accept a spanking, without either of you having to be too overt about the negotiations regarding her penance.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Uncle Nick said...

No, I don't think that jealousy had much to do with it. This was two women fighting it out with me as the prize that neither really wanted all that much.

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