Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Super Injunctions Scandal

This blog is all about providing its readers with a spot of titillation, which hopefully will lead to hard cocks and moist panties all round. If a few of you then decide to visit my clips' store and download something nice, then squeezing out a good dollop of lube and stroking one off as you watch it play that is all to the good.

That said, I can do a serious posting if I want to, and right now that is exactly what I want to do.

The political scandal surrounding the  issuing of court injunctions banning the naming of quite a few high profile celebrities who have been caught with their trousers down is growing by the day. Parliament must act to pass a freedom of speech measure that will stop judges making up laws on the hoof.

In the meantime the celebrities who are cheerfully spending thousands of pounds on lawyers' fess really have two options open to them:

The first is that they can stop paying whores to stick vibrators up their bums, and they can live quietly with their wives as pussy whipped dogs should.

The second option that they have is to tell the press to publish and be damned and when their wives kick up a fuss they can adopt the Wayne Rooney approach. It will be recalled that when Colleen, his missus, went ballistic about Wayne's extra-curricular shagging, he basically reminded the good lady that her continued presence  on the gravy train was conditional upon remaining his wife. Then he told her to shut the fuck up...

Gentlemen, pray adopt the Wayne Rooney approach, stop feeding the lawyers and just grow a pair, OK?

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