Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Imogen Thomas

An Order of the Burnish Buttocks is awarded to the lovely Miss Imogen Thomas for turning up at the High Court dressed like the town bawd. The Guardian got it wrong when it reported that Imogen's dress had "the right note of guilelessness" because she oozed sleazy sexuality, especially when viewed from the rear.

Frankly that bottom in that dress is begging to be kissed by the cane, so it only remains for us to say:

1 comment:

Aristotle said...

Imogen Thomas's Welsh, ample backside is just ripe for a spanking and I fully concur that she should be awarded the OBB. She could easily be dealt with over her tightly-skirted dress but I think it would be preferable to make her uncover her nether regions before bending over for the cane or strap.

I hope that Jane Fonda's tightly-covered bottom is going to make an appearance on the blog in the near that we have a chance to compare it with Pippa's backside.


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