Thursday, 19 May 2011

Natasha Gray, a teacher worth knowing!

Gorgeous, isn't she with her smackable rear-end and bedroom eyes? Natasha Gray is the name and  PE teaching is her game at Manor Community College in Cambridge.

One man who opposed Natasha's extra-curricular modelling career was Ben Slade - that's him on the left, looking very fetching indeed in his Springtime for Hitler shirt. Normally hardly anyone would take much notice of the likes of Ben, but in this case people had to at least pretend to be interested as for some reason he is the school's headmaster.

Ben tried to get Natasha sacked, but we are pleased to report that he failed, and that Natasha still provides hard-ons at the school.

What has this got to do with this blog and its theme? Absolutely nothing, but when you are as stuck for a posting as I am at the moment, then digging up this 2009 tale of a beddable bird and her podgy, balding tormentor is just manna from heaven.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, lay off the baldies Uncle Nick! We're not all prudish idiots, and provides a great teasing point when a young lady needs to intimate she's in the mood for getting spanked.

Otherwise i'm with you 100%.

If you are short for a post then I'd vote for a freebie - yes, I can hear you groan from here - of 'Prefects Punishment', the still is mouthwatering.

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