Thursday, 19 May 2011

A public spanking for Dianne Piper at LSU

Just because something appeared in the Weekly World News doesn't mean that it isn't true, and this story about the spanking of Professor Dianne H. Piper (43) by Richard Nelson at Louisiana State University in 1999 was also reported in the Orlando Sentinel.

It seems that Dianne was angling for some leave of absence from the university and acting dean Nelson thought that she was trying it on. So he told her that she was being a bad girl and then he put her across his knee and demonstrated just what happens to bad girls. To make matters even sweeter, another academic "sat idly by" as Dianne received her just deserts.

Quiet what the outcome of all this was is unclear since we cannot find any more reports, but we trust that Dianne at least learned to be a good girl once Richard Nelson let her up.

Thanks: Richard Windsor

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Why she got all up in arms over a simple spanking is beyond me. It didn't kill her, maim her, etc. She probably deserved it and then she acts all hoydenish when she gets exactly what she has earned.

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