Tuesday, 19 April 2011

TV Spankings: Gata Salvaje


Just when you thought that it was safe to return I hit you with yet another Latin-American soap opera. This one is called Gata Salvaje or the Wild She-Cat, and if you think that the production values are even worse than is usual in these epics then you are right as this load of old tosh was made in Venezuela.

The couple in this scene have a daughter and the man is shouting that the woman can marry some other fellow if she wishes, but cannot take their child with her to live with him. As part of the argument the man tells her that she is a stupid cat - obviously a reference to the title of the series - and that sets her off. He then grabs the woman and lays her across his knee for the spanking...

Now, he has one arm in a sling, but still manages to hold the girl down for the correction, and have you noticed how his hand lingers on her bottom after each smack? Like I said, this is Venezuela and their television makes Mexico's output look credible and sophisticated.

The best bit comes near the end when his mother asks him why he hit the girl and he replies that he didn't hit her, he gave her a good spanking - and he waves his hand from side to side with the palm up to indicate just that. Then he pats his mother on the rump and tells her that it was only a little spanking...


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