Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cinema Spankings: el Charro y la Dama


Rosita Quintana collected two spankings from Pedro Armendáriz in the 1949 Mexican epic el Charro y la Dama.

The first one comes about when the couple arrive at a deserted stables looking for a place to rest for the night. Rosita goes to look around and it all looks horrible to her, but Pedro tells her not to worry as they can bunk up together in the stable. He then gives her his saddle and tells her to take great care of it as it is his very best...  After the six smack spanking Rosita rubs her rear end and tells Pedro that he must be more of a gentleman with the ladies, and he retorts that he is indeed a gentleman with the ladies...

The second spanking comes right at the end of the film. Rosita touches her scarf which Pedro has around his neck and asks him if he is wearing it so that people will know that he is a ladies' man? Pedro replies that there was never any doubt of that, and Rosita retorts that actually there was until she took a hand. As the film ends Pedro upends her to administer yet another correction, this time for her smart mouth rather than her foolish deeds.

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hardspankinred said...

thank you sooooo much!I love cinema spankings, and it is always a treat to see one I havent seen before, I love the spanking where they are riding together , a true classic, again thank you for sharing, your friend BOB

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