Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Second Acuarela del Amor (Caras e Bocas) Spanking

Here is the second spanking scene from the 2009 Brazilian soap opera Acuarela del Amor, dubbed into Spanish so I can understand it.

Judith is the villainess of the series and she has managed to take control of her mother's bank accounts and credit cards. The mother tells her that she has been brought up very badly and Cássio, who lives in the same house as the mother, adds that she needed a spanking as a child, but since she didn't get one then he will give her one right now!

Alas he does not spank her either hard enough or long enough because Judith is fuming when he lets her up and she threatens him with a law suit. The creep in the white shirt offers to help her file the action and the wimp in the suit offers to be a witness. At that Judith really loses it, mocking him for just standing there whilst she was being hit, and Cássio then adds "on your bottom, as you deserved, my little girl," at which point Judith looks set to commit murder and her secretary has to step between her and Cássio. The clip ends with the mother telling her daughter that she should have been spanked years before.

All in all rather a nice spanking and one that is made even more interesting by the fact that it is a mature women who is receiving correction from a very young man.


Anonymous said...

Great find my friend; i've been looking for tha scene without success.


Uncle Nick said...

I decided to search on the Spanish title rather than the Portuguese, so I wrote Acuarela del Amor nalgadas Judith in Google and it came up as result number four!

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