Monday, 18 April 2011

The First Acuarela del Amor (Caras e Bocas) Spanking

The original title of this 2009 Brazilian soap opera was Caras e Bocas (Faces and Mouths), and the dubbed version for the Spanish audience was Acuarela del Amor (Watercolours of Love). God knows what it will be called if the 232 episodes that made up the series ever get shown on British television. That said, it was released outside Brazil in a version with only 145 episodes, so it is possible that we could be spared 87 of them.

The spanking comes about because to inherit a large sum of money the girl's mother must be married. It strikes the girl as a jolly good thing indeed if her mother marries her father and she starts a complicated train of events off that have that end in mind. Needless to say this being Latin-America it all falls apart with everyone screaming at everyone else.

My clip starts with the girl telling her father that all that matters is that he and the mother will be together, and she then goes on to say that after all that doesn't she deserve her reward? Daddy agrees and tells her that she certainly deserves something - a sound spanking!

Following the chastisement the girl screams that her father is a conformist loser who will die poor. As she scampers off presumably to nurse her sore bottom the father tells the mother that he knows all about the plan to marry him so that she can get her inheritance. The woman asks to be allowed to explain and on that moment of high drama the episode ends. Is this exciting or what?

OK, this is the first spanking from the soap opera which featured at least one other. That second spanking scene will be presented here later on today!

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Anonymous said...

what a naughty little girl she needed spanked and she was,best tim .

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