Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Farewell to Lupus

Lupus Pictures, the Czech video company has closed. Formerly known as Rigid East the company revolutionised the world of CP video right from the start in 2002. Their use of professional studio facilities, with authentic costumes, props and settings set a new standard for an industry that until then had been accustomed to making videos in some bloke's front room with the curtains drawn.

However, what really made Lupus stand out from the crowd was the severity of the discipline that their girls had to agree to receive. Now, the point has to be made here that many of the British videos were just as severe or even more so, but the British producers used the rota of girls who were well established in the scene - and they were all experienced pro-subs with backsides that a cane just bounces off. The marks do not show in other words and that was not the case with the inexperienced Lupus girls, many of whom were just in it for the money.

As things now stand the old URL now redirects to  a site called Quirkyway.com and already some of the new videos are on offer. It looks to me as if they are moving into the hardcore BDSM world, but why they decided to just dump their back catalogue, with videos now being offered at anything up to a seventy percent discount is anyone's guess.

If anyone can shed any light on what is happening with this outfit please leave the information in the comment box.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, Lupus, produced some excellent spanking videos. Especially their naughty school-girl ventures. That marvelously applied the cane to many a naughty female's bare bottom.

BillP said...

Lupus should rightly be praised for having (along with Mood) increased the severity of whippings that the models had to endure to earn their cash. Harder thrashings equals better wanking. They also used the multiple cameras intelligently, giving us pinsharp, faceful close-ups of the well-damaged buttocks and of the pain-twisted faces. Finally, they were unafraid to exploit the darker episodes in their Czech homeland's history, especially in the excellent Stalin series - though eventually they went too far back in time to be credible. 18th-century wenches with pierced nipples, shaved fannies and tattoos? I don't think so!

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