Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nigella Lawson: Naughty girl or battered wife?

I don't normally discuss matters like this, but the photos of Charles Saachi and his wife Nigella Lawson at a restaurant are attracting comments, so I thought that I would add my take to the mix.

Raven saw the photos before me and made the point that Nigella is adopting a classic submissive posture in most of the shots and it looks to me as if she is entering sub-space in some of them as well. Given the age difference between them, I reckon that this relationship is one of daddy-daughter and I am rather surprised that nobody else has pointed that out.

The good Raven then went on to say that she thought that Saachi was a prize chump for arguing with Nigella in public and should have damned well known that a public figure like her would attract the photographers whatever she does, so he should not have got involved in this public spat.

My view is that the devil is in the narrative that the press seems to want to create. They could have presented the photos as an example of "Naughty Nigella and a provocation too far," or something similar. When Anita Ekberg was spanked by her then husband in 1971, the noise was enough to awaken the dead and six Rome police arrived at the door to find out what the racket was all about. Once they knew that it was just a wife being spanked by her husband they left and the Times reported the story as "Shades of La Dolce Vita," an obvious play on the title of Ekberg's most famous film.

 So why is Charles Saachi being presented as a villain? Probably because he is a multi-millionaire and doing over an oligarch is seen by the middle class chatterers who write for the press these days as a good in itself.

That is a pity because there is a world of difference between a battered wife and one who behaves as Nigella seemed to be doing in those photos.

Anyone got any opinions?


Mr Swish said...

My thoughts exactly.
He should have taken her home and applied the birch to her well upholstered rear : and with full force too !

Uncle Nick said...

It seems that he in in the habit of brushing her teeth for her, so this relationship is definitely a daddy-daughter affair.

It looks to me, Mr Swish, as if this was part of that and would have remained so had the photographer not been around. Not that I blame him, you understand, as he will have earned a sizeable whack for the shots.

Mr Swish said...

Now she has been booted out of Wimbledon I'd like to nominate Miss Laura Robson for the Order of the Burning Buttocks. From what I cane see from googling 'Laura Robson upskirts cameltoe' and the like she seems more than happy to flaunt herself a good old fashioned bare bottomed spanking in front of the crowd on centre court followed by a no nonsense 12 stroke caning bent over the net sounds a grand idea to me ...what say you 'Uncle Nick' ?

Anonymous said...

I have long thought that Nigella has a well-stocked and very smackable arse. I would entirely support an OBB for her, if that was possible?

I also support the nomination of an OBB for Laura Robson.

BillP said...

The nominations of the very ripe Nigella Lawson rump and the fresher and more pert Laura Robson bottom for the OBB can both be heartily endorsed - and demonstrate what a wide age range can be deserving of a thrashing. But to return to Nick's wise words, it is indeed a shame that a simple and sensible act as putting one's wife in her place can be dressed up as an act of brutality in this sorry age. Probably very few of the journalists who write such twaddle believe it, and they all go home to fantasise about La Lawson being soundly whipped.

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