Monday, 3 December 2012

Liebster Award

The lovely Katerina over at the Bottoms Up Book Review has given me this here award, and all I have to do is as follows:

1. Post 11 random facts about myself.
2. Answer the 11 question put out by the person giving the award.
3. Pass the award on to 11 victims of my own, but not the person who chose me for it.
4. Create 11 new questions for them.
4. Post the Liebster Award logo.

Shall we begin? Here are my 11 killer bits of information about myself:

1. I was just 15 when I first spanked a girl.
2. She was the same age.
3. I rarely spank just for the fun of it. To me a spanking is first and foremost about teaching a recalcitrant female to behave.
4. I hate it when a woman wears trousers - I am a skirts fellow!
5. I lived in Mexico City for twenty years.
6. "Life can little else supply but a few good fucks and then we die," is my favourite quote. (John Wilkes' Essay on Women if you really want to know.)
7. "A woman, a dog and a walnut tree: the more you beat them the better they be," just happens to be a truism.
8. The best car that I ever owned was a Ford Cougar. It had a five litre turbocharged engine...
9. The first time I ever spanked a Mexican girl she complained afterwards that her bottom was red. "Redder than normal," was my reply, which did not exactly impress her.
10. I hate British Airways.
11. I voted for UKIP in the 2010 general election.

Here are Katerina's questions for me, with my answers:

1. What is your all-time favourite spanking book?
Anything written by me!

2. Have you ever fantasised about spanking a character in a movie or a famous actress?
I always thought that I could have done a better job that John Wayne managed with Maureen O'Hara in McClintock. 

3. What is your favourite holiday?
Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

4. What is one of your pet peeves about spanking stories?
Where the heroines always learn to love the spanking. What about one where she just accepts that she deserved it?

5. What new skil would you like to learn.
To play the guitar.

6. Do you prefer the city or the coutnryside?
The city.

7. What are you reading now?
Three Victories and a Defeat, by Brendan Simms

8. Describe a spanking, real or fantasy, in eleven words or fewer.
She deserved it and I duly gave it to her.

9. If you woke up one morning in a woman's body what would you do?
Kill myself.

10. What famous person needs to be spanked and what famous person should do the spanking?
Pippa Middleton for being a provocative little madam, as spanked by me. I have written three books so I think that I am famous enough.

11. What book have you reread the most?
I honestly cannot remember!

These are my eleven questions for my victims:

1. Has the 50 Shades phenomenon helped or hindered the spanking scene?
2. Is there a difference between BDSM and spanking or are we all the same?
3. Is spanking becoming more popular?
4. Why do you think that switching has become respectable?
5. Describe a spanking in eleven words or fewer.
6. Which is preferable - the cane or a spanking?
7. "It was horrible. I couldn't move and felt like a little girl." Discuss.
8. "Did you have to take my knickers down?" Why is this a silly question?
9. A Spanking impresses the lesson upon the mind as well as the posterior. Discuss
10. Do you agree that a woman is never too old to go across a man's knee?
11. Should a man always have a reason to spank his woman or may he do it because he feels like it?

My chosen victims are:

Raven Red


More to follow later...


sixofthebest said...

Uncle Nick, these are some of my ansers, to your interesting questions. I prefer to spank naughty women as punishments, using a cane. Mrs. Orsini, in "Roots of Heaven", I would have liked to spank. But using a cane, in giving her 'twelve of the best'. In my opinion NO WOMAN IS TO OLD TO BE SPANKED. Sarah Palin, would be my favorite celebrity to spank, on her bare bottom. I prefer being a Cityfolk man, compared to a country yokel.

sixofthebest said...

To discribe a spanking in eleven words or less. "With knicker's down bare bottom. She receives six of the best.

sixofthebest said...

Famous person to be spanked. Sarah Palin. Famous person to give the spanking. President Barach Obama.

sixofthebest said...

When spanking a naughty woman, always I prefer to take her knicker's down, and bare her bottom. When spanking a naughty woman, I prefer to use a pliable stinging cane.

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