Friday, 16 November 2012

Spanks For The Memories has just been published!

Spanks For The Memories has just been published at where it is available in all major formats for just $2.99. It will go live on the various Amazon sites in a few days, but why wait when you can get it right now and read it on your Kindle if you wish? All you do is download the Mobi version of the book, connect your Kindle to the computer via the USB cable and then copy the file before pasting it into your My Documents folder on the Kindle. Easy-peasy.

What's my latest book about? Have you ever wanted to know the inside story behind the spanking pornography trade? It has changed a lot since the 1970s so come along as I take you on a roller-coaster ride, which starts back in the days of duplicated typescripts and ends up with today's websites. My knowledge of the world of video making and the spanking party scene is second to none. So if you want to know the real stories behind many of the classic video shoots of the 1980s as well as reading an authoritative account of how the spanking party scene developed, then this slim, 25,000 word volume is the one that you have been waiting for.

Update: Amazon UK and Amazon USA both have it!

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