Monday, 19 November 2012

Spanks For The Memories arrives on the Kindle!

Two weeks earlier than anticipated, Spanks For The Memories has arrived on Amazon's Kindle!

It is hard to believe but just a week ago I was announcing a launch date of the end of the month, but that was before Raven got to work and created the file for Smashwords which  she then uploaded on Friday.

I was expecting several more days to pass before the rather more complicated Kindle file would be ready, but Raven sat down and got it ready to go over the weekend. I really am in her debt for all this.

Enough of this maudlin emotion stuff, the book is available from all version of Amazon, which for most of you will mean Amazon UK and Amazon USA. Don't forget that you can also pick it up from the Smashwords site in all the other formats.

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