Thursday, 28 June 2012

Weekending: Reasons to Spank 1

This is just one of the reasons why men do not take women all that seriously, and why the need to smack their bottoms from time to time is felt to be necessary.

See you next week!


Anonymous said...

... and why women shouldn't take men that seriously.

When she asked if anything was wrong he could have answered:

'Motorcycle won't start ... can't figure out why'


Uncle Nick said...

Probably because to him there was nothing wrong between him and the girl. That's the problem with women, in that everything gets mixed in together.

Anonymous said...

There is obviously a lot wrong between him and the girl. They were at dinner together, there was no conversation; she loves him and wanted to know if something was bothering him. Something was, but he wouldn't tell her.

His mind was on 'someone else', just as she thought.

If men don't like everything being 'mixed together', perhaps they could leave their motorbikes at the door when they're on an intimate date with their partner, or otherwise bring the bike in to meet her.

You can't have it both ways, boys.


Uncle Nick said...

Probably figured that she did not understand bikes, so why bother?

Anyway, the whole point about humour is that you either laugh, and then pass onto other things, or it leaves you cold as you pass onto other things.

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