Thursday, 10 May 2012

Katie, Part Six

 "Please," Katie whimpered yet again, this time as she felt the fresh air on her nether regions. I do wish that women could be original with their pleadings when about to undergo correction, but I fear that this is a forlorn hope. In that Katie was typical of the female of the species with her clichéd opening whimper as she felt her knickers slither down over her hips. Come to think of it, her second plea of "I don't want to be spanked" was no better, either.

 "I know that you don't," I explained, patting her bottom in my best, avuncular, Uncle Nick manner. "Do you think that I care, though?" I can do the kindly old uncle routine for a while, but then the real me just bursts out again.

"This isn't fair," was the next cliché to spring from Katie's lips, as she wriggled her hips in nervous anticipation of the discipline that was to come.

 "Life's not fair," was all I said. I can do clichés too, but I can also do spankings for a naughty girl who fails to toe the line and that is what I then began to do as my hard palm cracked down across Katie's bare and helpless bottom.

 She let out a little cry as the first smack landed with crack that reverberated around the walls of that small room and which I was sure could be heard in the street. Well, it was mid-afternoon so most people would be at work, but if they were around then I hoped that they enjoyed the show as my hand administered a succession of hard smacks to that upturned rump.

 Katie gasped as the spanking progressed and began to wriggle her hips in a way that was unconsciously sensuous. I do not think that she was trying to harden my middle leg, but that was the effect she had on it as her flat stomach ground into my groin. I must admit that all this had its effect in my concentration, and it is quite possible that a lesser man might have found it all too much of a distraction, but I pride myself on being a white man both inside and out, so I continued to modify Katie's behaviour in the old fashioned way. 

That said, my palm was beginning to sting, so I decided that a lecture was in order: "Right," I said, flexing my hand to take the sting out of it. "Are you learning your lesson?" 

Silence greeted my quite reasonable question, and looking down at her I saw the reason why. Katie had turned her face to her left so her expression was quite visible to me. Looking at it I saw an expression of total defiance with lips pursed in their insolence. Katie's eyes flashed and sparkled with a lot that said that she did not care what I did because she was not going to give me the pleasure of hearing her beg me to stop. I could not believe that any woman would be willing to bet her soft female bottom against any hard male palm, especially mine, but that was Katie's intention. With a sigh I lifted my hand and brought it down with a solid. punitive smack across the already reddened area that was undergoing correction. An area of Katie's person that would soon be a damned sight redder if I had anything to do with it, I resolved, silently. 

With that I administered a dozen of so hearty smacks,each one with the full power of my arm behind it and each one darkening the bright red of Katie's bottom until it became a dark, angry, blazing fire hue. Katie sucked in her breath as each smack cracked across her bare bottom, but other than that she made no sound. That is not to say that she accepted her punishment, far from it, as she began to gyrate her hips from side to side and then she would pump them up and own against my already hard cock until it felt as if it would burst out of my trousers. 

So that was her intention, was it? To so distract me from my duty that I would leave her only semi-corrected and able to gloat to all her girlfriends about how she had made me let her go. Sorry, Katie, but there are two kinds of people in this world: those who fuck and those who get fucked and I do the fucking as far as the male-female relationship is concerned and with that thought in mind I lifted my hand again and brought it down in a whip-like motion across the bottom that lay beneath it. 

 To say that I gave Katie the spanking of her young life is putting it mildly. My hand rose and fell with a regularity that was becoming monotonous, with the only sound in the room the crack of the palm as it smacked across that ripe young flesh. I began to think that it would never end, that we would stay that way forever, when without warning I heard a short cry from Katie's lips. She stifled it quickly and looking into her face I saw the old defiance, but also something else. She had begun to bite her lips and her eyes were moistening with the flood of tears that she so desperately tried to hold back. With a grin I redoubled my efforts as I could sense that the breaking point was near.

"Have you learned your lesson?" This time I did not pause and wait for an answer, and as soon as the last syllable had left my lips my hand began to hammer down on that already incredibly ravaged bottom. There was no answer? Fine - I would spank the answer out of her!

"Yes," I heard her say, in a voice that was the lowest of the low. Should I let her go at that? My arm was aching and my palm was throbbing, but I decided that one word did not an act of contrition make, so I lifted my arm again and prepared to bring that hand down in yet another arc onto the bottom that was now the colour of smouldering coals.

"Please, I can't take any more, Please let me go," she pleaded. Then, for the first time since she had taken up her position across my knee, Katie lifted her right hand and put it behind her to shield her bottom from my hand. All I did was take the hand and fold it into the small of her back before landing another blistering smack to Katie's rear. Sorry, sweetie, but I decide when the punishments are over.

This one was, as Katie collapsed across my knee in a flood of tears. All the insolence and defiance had been smacked out of her and all that was left was a perfectly submissive, obedient little girl who had no more sauce in her for a fight. With a sigh of relief at a close won victory I let her fall to the floor where she lay clutching her bottom and sobbing the bitter tears of repentance.

To be continued.

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