Monday, 30 April 2012

Has Spanking Joined The Mainstream?

Spanking Goes Mainstream is the headline to a major piece in the latest edition of Newsweek. Needless to say, since the magazine is American it manages to confuse the very broad topic of BDSM with the much narrower one of spanking, but that caveat aside the point raised by this article is interesting. Stripped of all the verbiage - and Katie Roiphe the authoress is an academic so the verbiage needs to be cut through with a machete - the argument is that women now occupy senior positions in business, and want to compensate for that by being extra submissive in the bedroom.

That readers of Fifty Shades of Grey are not the suburban mummies of popular lore, but actually twenty and thirty something professional girls, came as a surprise to me, but that is what the publisher's data tells us. In Girls, the new television series about a group of females making their way in New York a similar theme of sexual submission linked to professional assertiveness can be discerned.

Should we be surprised at this trend? We have know for decades that powerful men often like to let go of their worries with submissive behaviour in the bedroom, hence the whole femdom scene, so why should women be any different?

The future for dominant, assertive, older men in their 50 and 60 who enjoy being daddies to younger women has suddenly become much brighter!


MarQe's Study said...

Encouraging !! How are you Nick ? Hope yo are well !!


Uncle Nick said...

The problem is, of course, that spanking was once so very much a part of the mainstream that seemingly every TV series had a spanking scene in it - see tomorrow's posting! We have to turn the clock right back fifty years to a time when naughty girls were routinely spanked.

I am fine, and hope that you are the same.

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