Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cristina, Part Six

As the door swung shut firmly behind me, Cristina began to unzip my trousers and then reached inside to take control of my cock. With a heavy sigh she half closed her eyes and began to slowly rub it so that it reached its full power. When the meat was rock hard in her hand she bit her lower lip and looked at me through raised eyes.

"That didn't take long," she said quietly.

"Hardly surprising in your expert hands," I replied, laughingly.

"I am not an expert," she pouted. "I don't do this because I want to, I do it because I have no choice!"

"Where's your bedroom?" I could see from the wobbling lips where this conversation was heading, so I decided to cut her off before she started blubbering as I did not want my whole afternoon wasted.

"It's through there," she said, pointing vaguely over her shoulder in the general direction of nowhere in particular. 

"Let's go," I instructed her. Then, when she did not move quickly enough, I turned her around and sent her on her way with a firm smack to the bottom.

"That hurt," Christina whimpered, holding the area that had just felt my hand.

"Want some more?"


"Then lead the way to your bedroom," I instructed her quietly.

"It's not just my bedroom, I share it with another girl."

"Is she there now?"


Is she expected to return any time soon?"


"Then why are you bothering me with useless information?"

"I'm sorry, I just thought that you would want to know, she wailed, leading me into what was obviously her bedroom. I looked around, yes, judging from the clothes that were piled up on either side of the room, it was obvious that she was telling the truth about sharing the room.

"How many live here?"

"Six, two girls in each bedroom," she told me.

"All Argentinian?"


"All illegals?"

Cristina nodded by way of reply and with a smile I pulled her towards me and told her not to worry about such thing s right now. Then I stripped her naked and feasted my eyes on her firm, ripe, available body. I can remember thinking that it would be nice to take her doggie style so that I could enjoy the sight of the gold globes that were her buttocks. Then I decided that an unsmacked bottom is not something that I really enjoy all that much, and since Cristina had not actually done anything to merit a spanking, I decided that I wanted to look into her face whilst I took her.

I pushed her gently onto the bed and she lay there quite submissively whilst I quickly stripped off my clothes and then joined her. Cristina lay on her side and gently stroked my face. I reached behind her to take her bottom in my hand, and then I gently ran my middle finger all the way up her backbone to stop just below her neck. Cristina arched her back delightfully as I knew that she would.

"I want to talk to you, later, of course," she said.

"We will," I promised her truthfully. I had assumed for the start that she was after something - that is just the way women are - and I was more than happy to listen to whatever scheme was going through her pretty female head - after she had been fucked to my complete and utter satisfaction, of course.

To be continued

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