Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cristina, Part Five

I knew exactly where the flats were because they tended to be rented out to foreigners who were in Mexico City for longer than a holiday, but who were not going to be living in the city in the long term. Thus a lot of American teachers inhabited them, people that we old timers found very entertaining for the bright eyed enthusiasm that they brought with them. An enthusiasm that quickly turned to frustration, then cynicism, before the individual either fled the country or sought what solace he could with insouciance or the bottle. Yes, I knew that warren of small dwellings which both circled a large courtyard and sat two stories above it very well.

The taxi dropped me off and I made my way into the main entrance. A security man was sitting behind a desk, but I just nodded to him and he raised an arm lazily by way of reply. Clearly he did not care who I was, and since I knew roughly where I was going that suited me down to the ground as I had a cock with a desire for attention, so obviously I had no wish to engage in idle chitchat.

Cristina's flat was on the first floor and I knew that it would be the usual three bedroom affair, with a living room, kitchen and small bathroom completing the suite. As I reached the landing I walked off along a balcony that ran above the courtyard below to the door of Cristina's flat and knocked firmly upon it.

She opened the door almost immediately and fixed me with a wide smile that lit up her face. The tussle of blonde curls that brushed her shoulders and the pretty little nose were just as I remembered them, as was the delightful set of boobs that peeked out perkily from beneath her light yellow wraparound dress.

She must have caught me eyeing them as she did that old female trick of pulling her shoulders back so that her set stood out prominently. With a last lingering look I allowed my eyes to travel back to her face and was rewarded by the sight of her lifting her head to expose her neck. Again, it is an old trick, but I am sure that many men still fall for it.

Luckily I have had rather more than my fair share of pussy over the decades so I am pretty familiar with most of the seduction techniques that women use, and even when I do come across something new, my innate cynicism kicks in and I just assume that she is trying something on. Still that does not mean that I do not enjoy the performances as does my cock; believe me when I say that he was raring to go that day. Christ - even the light, flowery fragrance that was Cristina's perfume was having an effect on me. Secure in her power she held out her arms for a nice hug and I was only too pleased to let her wrap herself around me.

As I kissed her I let my hands fall down to fondle her tight buttocks underneath the thin cotton of the dress, and as our lips parted I was rewarded with a heavy moan that escaped her lips. My eyes went down to those luscious breasts again and I heard the tinkle of soft female laughter as Cristina coked her head to one side, widened her eyes and then bit down gently on her lower lip. Trust me when I say that it was a consummate performance and I can remember wondering if it was genuine or not? Then I decided that it did not matter so long as I got what I wanted and I pushed Cristina gently backwards and closed the door behind me as I stepped into the flat.

To be continued

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