Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Facebook to get voice chat, courtesy of Skype

It looks as if Skype and Facebook are about to announce a deal that will put a Skype-enabled voice-chat facility onto the Facebook window. Put simply, you will no longer need to text your contacts, as you will be able to hear their voices and see their faces on their webcams.

For people like us the advantage is immediate and obvious: goodbye to all those sad-arsed losers who get their rocks off duping the gullible by pretending. Your friendly old Uncle Nick has outed about half a dozen of those buggers this year alone, and has thoroughly enjoyed their utter humiliation. (Things like that tend to give him a banging great blue-veiner; it is just the way he is.)

If voice-chat arrives on Facebook then the sport will obviously come to an end, as even the most gullible will not allow himself to be duped any longer once voice chat arrives on the Facebook page.

Surely that must be the case?

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