Monday, 4 July 2011

Caring for a tawse

A tawse is a damn fine implement, but one that needs attention if it is to remain in tip-top thrashing condition. Mine was getting a bit weary after two decades of use, especially since it had been stuck in a draw for a couple of years, so on my 2010 trip to Mexico I bought some saddle soap, dug the tawse out, and livened the old thing up.

As you can see if you watch the short video, the effect was pretty immediate, with the tawse looking pretty lively after just one application. Since bringing it home, I have improved the leather with regular soaping and now it looks almost as good as new.

As my health steadily improves I reckon that it is time that the old boy started to tickle up a few backsides, with a view to making their owners somewhat less recalcitrant than they are at present.


Raven Red said...

Uncle Nick

I am rather seriously wondering if I could apply a basic element to the caring of the tawse: FIRE. Forget about petrol and matches (that is for the cane), I am thinking in the line of a torchblower.

Uncle Nick said...

An idea interesting in its drollery, but not a very likely scenario when you think about it.

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