Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Xochitl's Tale, Part Two

The following evening I turned up at the bar where I had arranged to meet Xochitl and sat myself down with a bloody big gin and tonic to wash the taste of students from my mouth and to await the arrival of madam. The appointed hour arrived, and then went, and by a quarter past the appointed hour my glass was empty so I went to the bar and bought another snifter. That in its turn was almost gone when she arrived, looking delightful I have to admit in a lovely summer dress that was far too bright for an English girl to wear but which looked lovely against Xochitl's lustrous red skin. She sat herself down after having first given me a kiss on the cheek, languidly crossed one leg over another, ran her fingers through the mountain of deep black curls that hung in waves to her shoulders, and then idly fingered one of her large gold hoop earrings.

"I want a drink, please," she said at length.

"What would you like?"

"I don't know. You're the man - you choose."

I wandered over to the bar and got her a vodka and tonic with plenty of ice and another glass for myself. Returning to our table I placed the drinks down and resumed my seat, lighting a cigarette as Xochitl took a long pull on her drink.

"How did you know that this is my favourite? She held her glass up, with lips pursed, and then without further ado she reached over and took my cigarette and smoke it herself.

As I looked into a pair of eyes that sparkled with mischievous delight, I realised that I was about to go into action against an expert player. I did not for a moment believe that vodka was her favourite tipple, and suspected that she would have said that about any drink that I had given her. The trick with the cigarette was hackneyed, but she carried it off very well, and viewed overall Xochitl, gave the impression of being a young women who was experienced enough to be able to judge the weight of a man's balls with one glance.

That she was after a man who would show her a good time and spend an arm and a leg on her was pretty obvious, and the fact that she had chosen me as her dupe was also as plain as the balls on a dog. The only question that I needed to ponder was whether she would fuck to order in return for the contents of my wallet, or was she a prick-teaser who got turned on by making men yap at her heels like little doggies seeking a table scrap? I decided that this question needed answering that night and Xochitl's late arrival gave me the perfect opportunity to see if she could be brought to heel or needed to be dumped.

"You arrived late," I started the ball rolling by reminding her of that fact. "Thirty minutes late," I concluded, keeping my voice cold and low.

Xochitl went into girly mode and began to giggle, crossing and uncrossing her legs, all the while twirling her hair in her fingers. She cast her eyes downwards and then looked up at me all the while keeping her head down. Once she saw that I was indeed looking at her she looked away quickly, a nervous smile on her lips. As I said, Xochitl knew how to play a man, and it took all my willpower to avoid ruining things by smiling at her playfulness

"I really don't find anything at all amusing," I said, reaching over to take each of her wrists and hold them down in her lap. As I did that I leaned forward to bring my face closer to hers.

"You little antics have earned you a smacked bottom," I went on remorselessly. I was about to say more when I saw a quizzical look on Xochitl's face.

"I do not understand. Please what does smacked mean?"

"I am going to give you a spanking," I told her without further ceremony.

"No, please, no, you can't do that," Xochitl blustered, as I sat back and enjoyed the show. I do not know why she complained quite so much since I had just helped her add another word to her English vocabulary. Given that she was studying for the Cambridge Third Certificate, that was important as I am sure you will agree.

"I can do as I please and you will take what I give you, understand? You want a good time in London? You want extra help with your studies?

Xochitl nodded her head slowly by way of reply.

Fine, then do as I tell you," I told her. I might have laid down the law a bit thick, but it is better to clear the air properly where a slapper such as Xochitl is concerned as problems tend to arise if they are given any wriggle room.

We finished our drinks quickly and in silence. Then  I stood up and handed Xochitl her bag, gesturing to her with an index finger that she should rise, which she did.

"Right, Pocahontas," I told her. "Let's go back to my place and get this over with!"


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she'd ever met a guy like you before. It does look like making you wait was an attempt at dominance of a sort. Not that she would be disappointed to have you set her straight. It's just the game of thrust and parry, as they say.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Uncle Nick said...

The answer to your question will arrive in part four of this tale!

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