Friday, 17 June 2011

Xochitl's Tale, Part Four

Xochitl clothed was a delight to view, but naked she was a pornographic fantasy. As the last of the sun's rays shone though my window and onto the bed they reflected off Xoxhitl's lustrous skin and made it almost translucent. I sighed with pleasure at the sight and wrapped the lovely lady in my arms and kissed her gently.

I was expecting madam to behave in the quite, submissive way that freshly spanked females often adopt, but she had a surprise in store for me. As our lips met in a gentle kiss she reached down with a hand and cupped my balls. then, incredibly, her hand began to move underneath my balls and make its way slowly behind me. Her middle finger extended, and I remember my sharp intake of breath as I realised what she planned to do. I arched my back to make it easier for her as that middle finger entered my hole and gently began to lazily turn circles just inside me.

The groan that escaped from my lips was genuine and unforced. I looked into Xochitl's face and saw desire mixed with amusement written all over her features. I smiled back in recognition that she had turned the tables on me rather nicely. Clearly, Xochitl was a girl who was only too happy to take another route if her preferred pathway was blocked. She had tried the coquettish approach and her bottom had paid the price. Now she  was about to become my very own courtesan, if I was lucky, so I let my body fall back onto the bed to give her all the room to manoeuvre that she could possibly want.

You may wonder what I was playing at, but relax: I hadn't gone soft in the head. So long as at the end of the day a woman does as she is told then I am only too happy to let her take control in bed. I am actually rather too liberal for my own good at times because if a woman is very good horizontally then I am usually only too happy to do what she wants vertically. Xochitl had obviously grasped this basic male fact and was honing in on it with a vengeance.

She took my cock in her mouth and deep-throated me expertly. Her fingers were like butterfly wings on my balls and then I felt that magic middle finger insert itself inside my once again - and this time it went right in!

Xochitl sucked my cock and finger fucked me all the way to glory. I remember feeling my juices beginning to bubble and for a second I was tempted to push her onto her back, pause a moment to let the raging torrent suside, and then rivet her rigidly, but then I decided not to bother. As the fuck it principle kicked in I felt my cock muscles relax and the boiling juices began that remorseless rise through my cock and out into Xochitl's eager mouth. I grabbed her hair at the very moment of truth and held her head over my hardness so that she would continue sucking out every last drop of my cock oil.

"Will you take me to a nightclub?" The voice was chirpy and so full of life that I could not help but laugh. Of course I would, later...

I was still a little curious to know why Xochitl had zeroed in on me, so I took the opportunity that the rest provided to ask some roundabout questions. The answer lay in her background. Xochitl's mother had been very poor and had managed to hustle her way into a job as a secretary that had, fortuitously, brought her into contact with a seriously wealthy businessman who had made her his permanent mistress. In the fullness of time Xochitl had arrived on the scene and the father had ensured that she received a good education in schools that were as far away from his legitimate family as it was possible to get. Every year daddy packed her off to London for a couple of months to study English and all madam was doing was putting into practise with me the techniques that she had learned from her mother. I must say it is nice to hear of a mother passing her trade skills down to her daughter...

Obviously, given this, Xochitl was going to be an expensive hobby, which was the reason why I ended up running a Russian whore named Svetlana around the city, and indirectly why everything fell apart, but that was in the future. For the moment I felt like a dog with two dicks as I serviced Rose and Xochitl, depending upon what day of the week it was.


Anonymous said...

So she was looking forward to being someone's expensive mistress, like her mom, it seems. Oh well, I'm sure she was fun while it lasted.

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Uncle Nick said...

What woman is not looking for a meal ticket?

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