Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Svetlana Interlude

Xochitl was not the only expensive diversion that I had that summer because Rose decided that getting knobbed by her toyboy was not enough, and she announced that we needed to get out more. What she meant was that she wanted me to take her out more - the we part was just added for effect. So with both Rose and Xochitl pestering me to squire them around my wallet began to take a serious hammering that summer of 1989.

Most people did not have mobile phones back then so I remember the irritation that I felt when  someone knocked on my door and said that I had a phone call. Picking up the public 'phones receiver in the kitchen a man's voice came over the line asking me to confirm my name. Then he mentioned a few mutual acquaintances, people who had given him my name, and then he went on to offer me £50 plus expenses a night cash in hand to drive a whore around London and make sure she did not get up to any mischief!

To say that the idea was jaw-dropping would be to put it mildly. I had never heard of such a thing, and why would anyone want to go to the expense of providing a trollop with a car and driver?

The explanation was that I would be driving a Russian girl around. Now today we are used to Russian whores everywhere, but they were a genuine novelty in 1989. Svetlana was one of the first to make her way illegally to the UK and had quickly started earning a living on her back. Although the Russians had only been in London for a couple of months they had already built up a reputation for chicanery, but they were popular with the customers, all of whom seemed to want their knobs polished by a Russian girl. So the agencies could not just get rid of them, but the classier ones hired men like me to drive them around and generally keep an eye on them.

I must have sounded dubious about the offer because my interviewer came out with the deal making clincher: I could have a freebie with the girl of my choice once a week. How could I refuse such an offer? So that evening I took my car over to the central London agency to be introduced to Svetlana, my new charge.

Fellows, she was a shagging man's delight! Twenty years old, tall and slim, with blonde hair that hung in great waves right down to her bum. Since the colour was natural I remember thinking that to get to that shade of blonde a passing German soldier had to have taken a fancy to Sveta's grannie back in the day.

Taking delivery of Svetlana I could feel my cock perking up at the sight of her as she climbed into my car, displaying rather a nice amount of leg as she did so. I remember thinking that this job was going to be a dream, which is a pity as it turned out because by the end of the day Svetlana and I cordially loathed each other.

The problem  was that from the start she was trying to pull a fast one and to make matters worse she tried to involve me in her wheeze, running her fingers over my cock and whispering that if only I would do this or that then all the riches of the earth would be mine. I told her that I wasn't interested and she refused to accept that and redoubled her efforts to seduce me.

"You vant fuck me, don't you? I can tell the vay you look at me," she breathed.

"I will fuck you," I told her by way of reply.

"No, not unless ve do beeznez," she retorted, before leaning over to breath heavily into my ear. Say what you like about the Ruskies, but nobody can accuse them of subtlety.

I let her babble on and the very next day I wandered into the agency and told the old bawd who managed the place that I wanted Svetlana as my freebie. You can imagine Sveta's face when she entered the room to find me, bollock naked and rampant waiting for her.

Obviously she hated me for that, which was fine because by then I did not like her all that much, either. On the other hand you don't have to like a woman to fuck her so long as she has a nice juicy pussy. Come on, fellows, you know it's the truth.

Gradually Svetlana stopped complaining about my failure to dance to her tune and I stopped teasing her about having to give me for free that which she had offered up as a bribe, and we sort of became friends. She would occasionally either call me up or sometimes even arrive at my student room when she was after something. I would give her a poke and then drive her wherever she wanted to go, or feed her in a nice restaurant.

It was this casual affair that led  to everything exploding for me in London, which in turn led to me upping sticks and moving to Mexico, but that is another tale for another posting.

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