Saturday, 4 June 2011

Term Ends

I was a handsome devil back in 1995, wasn't I? I doubt if the four girls that I spanked and caned on that far-off day really had the inclination to consider my finer points since they were too busy trying to save their backsides from the blistering that I administered to each and every one of them.You can read the full story behind the shoot at this link, so let me just give you a brief summary now:

First up was Alison who presented her Scouse rump for my tender mercies and admitted ruefully afterwards that whatever doubts she had entertained about my ability as a disciplinarian had been completely satisfied. Then I dealt with Karen, who turned up for the shoot in a red thong under her school uniform. Obviously I could not let that breach of etiquette go unpunished. Then we had Susan who was making her first and last spanking video. I have often wondered why she chose to retire after making her d├ębut with me... Finally there was Julie, a mature woman who played the school secretary who needed to have her buttocks bared for the kiss of the cane.

Over the next four weeks I will present each section as an individual clip, but why waste time when you can download the whole twenty minute epic right now?

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