Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How a sex scandal unfolds: the Ryan Giggs Affair

A sex scandal is a bit like watching a (soap) opera in four parts, and in Professor Nick's lesson today we shall look at those four parts and apply them to the case of Ryan Giggs to see how they unfold.

Act one is when the press learns that the shit may be about to hit the fan. Something will have happened to tip them off and in the case of Giggs this was almost certainly the rising crescendo of gossip surrounding his affair with Natasha, his sister-in-law. The press cannot print the story, yet, but what they will start to do is move in like hungry wolves around a little lost lamb...

Act two involves the hacks flying a kite to see if the wind catches it and it flies. Names will have been discussed and the most likely candidates approached to see if they will talk. In the Case of Giggs, Imogen Thomas must have seemed like manna from heaven, as being a B-list celebrity she was a publicity hound, anyway. The point about running her story is that it is like shaking the branches of an apple tree in September - you never know how much fruit will fall.

Act three is where we are now. Natasha Giggs has told her story, obviously as an act of revenge, but probably following some serious inducements from the press. The hacks will be hoping that yet more women will emerge so that the story can continue to be developed.

Act four is coming up soon. That is when everyone piles in and the story acquires a life all of its own. The hacks will rework the story is various ways to keep it alive, which is pretty much what I am doing with this posting. When we get fully into the final act any old rumour will be printed because the victim is in no condition to complain, having been thoroughly grilled by just about everyone. The press will sell more papers, this blog will get more hits and, hopefully, more people will then go on to visit my wonderful clips' site where any number of sexy videos are to be found - some featuring me!

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