Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What to do with this girl?


She had obviously been insolent and failed to answer her man's bidding so a spanking had been administered. That had not had the desired effect, as madam had continued with her insolence and had adopted a tone of surly defiance when he had allowed her to rise after the spanking was over. Faced with such insolence there was no other recourse than to administer six with the heavy cane across buttocks that were already weeping from the force of the hard male palm. Just as a mare must feel the bit so a woman must feel the rod, thus both are brought back to their natural state of controlled obedience.

So what is to happen now to her? She is to be fucked, that is what is to happen and that is so obvious that the thought that anything else could even be considered is risible. She is a freshly disciplined female and her pussy lips are open in anticipation of the cock that will soon drive past them into the wondrous depths that are hidden below.

Let her be fucked for the same reason that she was thrashed. That she learns her place and accepts her subordinate position in the great scheme of things.

With thanks to Scarlett Heart for the photo.

1 comment:

sixofthebest said...

For me this photo is worth a thousand words. A well caned feminine bare bottom, displayed to perfection.

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