Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Ups of Blogging

As we are still on our first anniversary week I want to complement yesterday's posting about the downside to blogging with a look at the upside to the activity.

When I started this site just a year ago it was with the sole intention of using it as a hook to sell video clips with. It changed partly through the people that it introduced me to, but also because the blog is a great forum for trying out new ideas. For instance I am writing a book; I didn't set off to write one, but the postings that are archived under the Spanking Memories label were just asking to be rewritten to become chapters in a manuscript. I have set myself a deadline of the end of this month to have the work completed and then I suppose I will have to start getting used to rejection slips that will come my way, but the point is that if this blog had not existed the thought of setting down my spanking memories to paper would never have entered my head.

Had I not started the blog I would never have met Raven who quickly became not only a lover in real life but  also my confident and support. Obviously I owe an awful lot to her as well as to the countless other people who have crossed my path to the good over the past twelve months.

So what does the future hold? God knows - the blog today is a far different creature than the site that I set up a year ago so I am damned if I can even think about where it will be a year from now. That said, I hope that you are still around to enjoy it, and take at least part of your pleasure from my work here.


Bonnie said...

Hi Uncle Nick, and congratulations on one year of blogging!

I believe that the people are the best part of the blogging experience. I wouldn't have stayed around so long but for my readers and colleagues.

You said something in a previous post that made me wonder.

Given that all the heavyweight sites are run by men, naturally...

Did you really think so?

With warm regards,

Uncle Nick said...

Yours is the exception that proves the rule, Bonnie. Think about the monster sites and you think of Chross, MarQe, Richard Windsor, Spanking Spot, Le Monde de La Fessee. You are a part of that first division, but I can't think of any other women.

I'll tell you one woman who will rocket past all of you - Scarlett, the new one. Her stat porn is already seriously hardcore and will get better. The secret is that she is a woman who writes porn that men want to read.

Trust me on that one...

Hey, and thanks for your link a year ago. It got me going in more ways than one...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick
Congratulations on your First Anniversary! Very remiss of me not to comment on your writing previously.
I am a pretty regular reader and you have certainly given me a number of ideas for real life spankings.
Thank you!
I think your mentorship of Raven and Scarlett is great. You have spawned two of the great Spanking Blogs.
Keep up the good work.
Heavy Hand

Bonnie said...

Hi Uncle Nick,

Let's not forget Pixie, Erica, and Hermione. All of them pull down some very respectable numbers.

Scarlett is indeed off to a wonderful start. I look forward to seeing where she takes her new blog.

I am always happy to help a blogger get started. With each new contributor, our community becomes richer.

With warm regards,

Uncle Nick said...

Hermione is nice I agree, but I have never heard of Pixie. Anyway, I wish her well.

HH thanks for the warm words!

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