Thursday, 21 April 2011

TV Spankings: Laços de Família


Laços de Família is yet another one of those Brazilian soap operas that featured rather a nice spanking, and which luckily was dubbed into Spanish for the international audience, hence I can tell you what is going on.

Well, sort of, because understanding the dialogue doesn't explain who the participants are. The man is obviously not the girl's father as she calls him Pedro. He is not her husband either since she disapproves of his wife, and it is her choice of words about the woman which leads directly to her spanking.

Pedro tells the girl that he plans to put her on an aeroplane home, but she tells him that she lives with her sister and there is nothing he can do to get her out of that house. She then goes on to taunt him about the state of his marriage and how unhappy he is and that is a provocation to far for Pedro who promptly upends the girl and smacks her pantied bottom as shown.


Dave said...

Wow...what a fantastic find! Great spanking scene :-)

Uncle Nick said...

Thank you Dave - the clip really is the dog's bollocks, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

naughty little girl who needed her big spanks .

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