Friday, 22 April 2011

Hidden Camera Spankings

I must be honest and say that I cannot guarantee that these two clips are genuine, but there is a strong suspicion that they are. The guy was well known in the early days of spanking videos as he appeared in quite a few of the those classic epics. The story is told that he was an office manager in real life who used to spank female members of staff and he rigged up a camera so that his activities could be recorded for posterity. At some point he changed companies and released his video soon afterwards. 

One bit of evidence points to this being genuine and that is that the girl's face is never clearly seen. If this had been a fake then surely the pornographer directing the thing would have made sure that her face was seen because the viewers love watching a girl's face when she is in distress. That doesn't happen here and one possible reason is that this was an authentic bit of office discipline that was captured on a secretly installed video camera thirty years ago and later released to the general public.


Anonymous said...

definitely fake! I've seen these videos years ago.

Uncle Nick said...

The fact that you saw them years ago does not make them fake. I know that they were made in about 1982, that is not in doubt. What is being debated is are they genuine or not?

Evidence for your assertion?

Anonymous said...

Video Verite was the title! By yet another purveyor of spanking treasures that would no doubt be on the list to be put to death if only our current moral guardians could find a way (or is rich enough to tempt some unscrupulous spankee to make a thirty year old complaint)

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