Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Honours go to Pippa Middleton!

Great Royal Wedding day with the honours going to Pippa Middleton for her delicious posterior, wonderfully encased in a sheath dress that hugged her figure to perfection. Prince Harry seemed to think so as well if his crotch grabbing moment is to be believed. Let's face it, what man wouldn't want to get his tackle in order if he had Pippa's posterior within smacking range? 

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Aristotle said...

If you consider the three Middleton ladies on this auspicious day then surely Pippa did indeed win the posterior stakes. Because she was Maid of Honour her dress was able to be a touch more daring than her sister's and of course her mother was wearing a coat over her dress.

Well done, Pippa.....your pert little bum is more than worthy of the OBB!


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