Friday, 29 April 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Pippa Middleton

Today is the big day for royal wedding fans and it provides a perfect excuse to run one of the few upskirt shots of Pippa Middleton that are kicking around the web. Unlike Kate Middleton who seems to enjoy showing off her panties at every opportunity, little Pippa has so far managed to save her snatch from the public gaze.

That said, she is a perfect minx with a saucy cast to her elfin face that is just begging someone to tun her over and administer the spanking that everyone knows that she deserves.


Aristotle said...

How wonderful that Pippa Middleton has been awarded the OBB alongside her sister and mother. You could see the outline of her pert little bottom today under her simple but elegant bridesmaid's dress. Mother and both daughters were dressed beautifully today but that only served to reinforce the fact that all three fully deserved a thoroughly sound smack-bottom.


Uncle Nick said...

You noticed Pippa's dress as well, did you?

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