Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Order of the Burning Buttocks: Sophie Raworth

The latest Order of the Burning Buttocks is awarded to Sophie Raworth, for having legs that go right up to her chin. Such a saucy young madam deserves to be upended as a matter of course as it is good for her soul as well as providing pleasure to her disciplinarian. As Aristotle noted in this comment box, she has been on TV interminably recently mouthing off about the royal wedding, and the thought of her nursing a well smacked bottom the next time she appears is a thought to savour.


Aristotle said...

So pleased to read of Sophie's OBB deserves it more!

I have to say that I agree that Pippa Middleton is a very strong contender because she has apparently been ruffling feathers by her plans for her sister's wedding breakfast at Buck House.And, by the way, she appears to have a very pert and very spankable bottom! What could be better than a mother and daughter receiving the OBB together (Carole and Kate Middleton)? Well, mother and two daughters receiving the OBB together!

There are, I am sure, lots of female guests who will earn themselves nominations on Friday but, in the meantime, what about Lady Marina Windsor....a very elegant and spankable young lady indeed?!


Anonymous said...

yes Spphie is a very pretty English girl.

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